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Sensational Duo of Twin Sisters

Norah and Neleigh Gessert  |  Sophomores  |  Millard West High School

Millard West High School sophomores and twin sisters Norah and Neleigh Gessert are such skilled basketball players they received a Division I offer before ever playing a high school game. Neleigh believes being twins makes them more effective players. “Having a twin to play with is definitely unique. There is an instant connection. We motivate each other and we’re always competing. I always know where she is on the court.” Norah agreed, “I love playing with my sister.”

Marc Kruger, Millard West varsity girls basketball coach, has known the sisters since they attended Millard West’s summer camps. “They played in our Lady Cat program each year, and it’s been exciting watching them grow and get better. They love to play and compete, they are humble, and they push and motivate each other.” Neleigh said, “The best part of being on the team is getting to make new friends and getting to do the thing I love most with them.”

Norah is proud of their Everything to Gain (ETG) Elite Midwest 2024 travel team. “Even though the other players were a grade older than us, it felt like we connected right away,” she said. Last summer, the team was invited to participate in the 3 Stripe Select Basketball circuit on the Amateur Athletic Union tour, sponsored by Adidas. Norah was excited to go to four different beaches in California, but the best part was their team made it to the championship.

 “They are both valued members of the team,” said ETG coach Ann Prince. “Norah has great length, three-point shooting ability, and is also a great passer. Neleigh is a versatile player who can play many positions with the ability to score inside and out. They both played up a grade level with us but you would never know that as they are physically mature and have a very good understanding of the game of basketball.”

Both Gessert twins play volleyball as well as basketball for Millard West. They were invited to take part in the Athletic Leadership Academy and mentor other youth and athletes. Neleigh and Norah also work part-time at a local retirement home. They hope to play collegiate basketball in the future, but for now their goal is to continue to take their teams to the next level.

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