Senior Living at its Finest

We’ve all heard the adage, “60 is the new 40; 70 is the new 50.” And it’s true. Life after 55 has never felt more invigorating and exciting. Seniors today are getting involved and expecting their opinions to carry weight in society like never before. Given the rise of this dynamic class, it makes sense that residential communities would evolve to feel more like an all-inclusive resort than a traditional care facility.

To understand just how far senior living has come, check out Omaha’s Ovation Heartwood Preserve, a stunning new development that will definitely set a new standard. Divided into independent, assisted, and memory care living buildings, the campus features a variety of restaurants, rooftop clubs, an indoor pool and other amenities associated with high-end resorts. Each of the three senior living choices caters to its residents with customized programs designed to reflect the needs and interests of each specific resident.

Properties like Ovation Heartwood Preserve will raise the bar for exceptional senior living in the future as more potential residents demand an independent or assisted living environment that continues the quality of life to which they are accustomed. It’s hard to understand exactly how significant the residential design is without visiting. Fireplaces accent several terraces among many gathering places. The Carson Theater accommodates lecture series and films, while a visit to the Exploration Studio may stir up a passion for cooking or art. “It is our goal to offer a resort experience every day for our residents,” said Stephanie Grade, Ovation’s General Manager.

Research indicates that socializing is a key facet of maintaining one’s positive mindset and mental acuity. Ovation Heartwood Preserve offers a full spectrum of opportunities to interact with other residents. In assisted living this means encouraging groups of friends to meet for lunch, showing nightly films in the Brando Theater, and multi-denominational chapel services.

“Our residents will have numerous opportunities to participate in a vast array of experiences that align with their passions as they also explore new interests,” Grade said. The resident’s day is filled with engaging activities from gardening to state-of-the-art virtual experiences that are proven to be soothing and help stimulate memory. “With around-the-clock nursing, you can be assured expert assistance is always available when needed,” Grade added.

Individual attention is critical throughout a forward-thinking hospitality operation like Ovation Heartwood Preserve. Naturally, providing this level of detailed care takes a certain type of individual. To locate these team members, Grade and her staff follow one of the longest onboarding protocols in the industry. Each potential employee spends two weeks learning about the Ovation values, culture, and operations of the community.

Today’s seniors are determined to remain engaged with all aspects of society, from culture to politics to remaining active in the gym and on the trails. The modern senior living community must adapt to the expectations of this generation. Visit the Ovation Heartwood Preserve website for an extensive look at the future of senior housing.

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