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Review: Tantalizing Dinner for Two

In a city where beef reigns supreme, Chateaubriand is absent from the menus of most steakhouses. Considered an upscale delicacy in the 1950s and ‘60s, it was traditionally reserved for holidays and later became popular for a romantic Valentine’s dinner. A special occasion is no longer needed to enjoy this exceptionally-prepared style of beef tenderloin. The Committee Chophouse at the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel in The Blackstone District has incorporated yet another facet from history—a weekly Chateaubriand dinner for two every Tuesday evening.

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The concept is to provide an exceptional Chateaubriand experience for anyone and for any occasion—even just a Tuesday night. Priced affordably at $150 for two guests, it includes a 16 oz. Chateaubriand, two salads, two sides, a sharable dessert, wine specials, and even complimentary valet. The most difficult decision you have to make is pairing your sides down to only two (we splurged and added a third).

We started with the Caesar salad, which was a generous portion, complete with large homemade croutons that mastered an airy, soft crunch. For sides we chose the asparagus, Committee gratin potatoes, and wild mushrooms, which included button, oyster, and enoki in a rich sauce. Each side was more than enough for two people. While the potatoes were a natural hearty pairing with beef, the mushrooms were a definite favorite.

The medium-prepared Chateaubriand was sliced into medallions divided for two and beautifully plated. It was accompanied by four signature sauces: hollandaise, charred scallion chimichurri, Committee steak sauce, and a lemongrass glaze (another clear favorite). There may not be a more tender way to prepare this cut of beef—it was easily cut with just the edge of a fork and every bite truly melts in your mouth.

For dessert, we chose the restaurant’s signature Baked Alaska—a layer of almond cake, topped with cherry tart ice cream, surrounded in meringue and then flambéed with 151 rum—a visual delight (but don’t blow out the flame—let it burn down naturally). You’ll have some charred meringue, but the dessert was a nice light accompaniment after the rich meal.

Our wine specials were just as decadent as the meal. We enjoyed a 2018 Jayson by Pahlmeyer chardonnay, which had hints of vanilla in the midst of its creamy finish. For the red we enjoyed a 2015 Mount Peak Sentinel Cabernet. This wine paired beautifully with the beef, and had the bold oaky flavors you’d expect from a rich cabernet.

Our server and the entire staff at The Committee were attentive and helpful with selections, especially the wine. Executive Chef Jason Sirois and Chef de Cuisine Brandon Kalfut have curated an experience that diners will truly appreciate. They’ve taken an upscale dish from the past and turned it into a modern-day dinner for two, perfect for any occasion.  

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