Real Estate Tycoon Adam Briley Strives To Be Great

Adam Briley strives daily to be a better leader. He’s read dozens of books on the topic – author John Maxwell is a favorite – and has crisscrossed the country for leadership seminars and conferences. A tattoo on Briley’s right shoulder reminds him to “burn the boats,” a phrase inspired by conquistador Hernan Cortés’ bold move to go all in and eliminate his exit strategy for conquering Mexico.

“I love to read, learn and soak it all in,” Briley said of his thirst for leadership expertise. “I apply different things, try different things, test leadership styles and techniques that may work for different people. I’m testing and tuning, figuring out what works. I’m always looking to improve.”


Briley’s perpetual drive has proved a winning strategy for real estate group Briley Homes. Founded in 2008, Briley’s team has grown from one assistant to 10 agents who help people buy and sell homes in Omaha and beyond. The proof is in the numbers: In 2013, The Briley Team ranked No. 148 nationwide on the Wall Street Journal’s top real estate teams by transactions. In Nebraska, the team ranks consistently high when considering residential volume sold.

Thanks to its success, Briley Homes will soon celebrate a major milestone with the addition of building company Gramercy Homes. It’s a move Briley hopes will catapult his business forward, giving him more influence at every level of selling a home. “Our systematic team approach is having a great group of people, all committed to providing excellent customer care and always striving to get better at what we do,” Briley said. While his business is young, Briley is no stranger to real estate. Growing up in the Ponca Hills area, he learned a lot from father Mike Briley, a veteran realtor. After high school in Fort Calhoun, Briley figured he would become an electrician. But the lure of making money drew him into real estate.

“When I was 20, I wanted to make a lot of money,” Briley said of those initial years. “But two years into it, it wasn’t enough. Something was missing. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.”

“I wanted to do something to create an opportunity. Something deep down said, ‘I want to do something big.’”

Instead of focusing on profits, Briley devoured all he could about real estate, how to build a business and how to lead a team. He worked 14-hour days. His mantra: Go above and beyond for every client. Show them what you can do.

“I didn’t want to be known as Adam Briley, real estate agent,” Briley said. “I wanted to create an excellent brand and raving fans.”

He grooms each team member to succeed, motiving them to go the extra mile. Community service is wrapped into the business because for Briley, passion for career and community goes hand-in-hand.

owner, Briley Homes of Prudential Ambassador Real Estate
Age: 27
Launched: 2008
Twitter: @BrileyHomes

Now that he is a father, Briley’s razor-sharp focus has expanded to being a better spouse and dad. His late nights are fewer, and he takes pride in dedicating weekends to family. He counts his blessings at work and home and sees a bright future ahead. Regardless of the shape Briley Homes takes, its foundation will stay the same. “We will be constantly focused on serving other people and helping people become successful,” he said.

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