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Post-Holiday Pick-me-up

As we prepare for the holiday season, we proudly place beautiful decorations that evoke feelings of festivity, nostalgia, and joy. We bedeck our homes in grandeur, and sometimes when the holiday buzz has passed, our homes look empty, lonely, and sad.

If you have ever experienced this particular kind of post-holiday humdrum, let us recommend a few tips to get your home back in shape and your outlook back on top:

1. After the holidays, contact one of the professional designers at Interiors Joan and Associates to help you rethink your space. Maybe all you need is a little inspiration and a few key items to help you reimagine your favorite room into a new space that will serve you and your lifestyle well after holiday season.

2. If your great room looks bare when the tree comes down, consider new accessories for your display shelves. Mix size, color, texture and type to achieve a pleasing, curated look.

3. When holiday décor comes down, rooms tend to look cavernous and empty. Instill the feeling of warmth and completeness with window treatments. Draperies can wrap your room in a cocoon of sophistication and they can stay up all year long.

4. Rethink your dining room centerpiece. Your holiday arrangement was likely full of life and layered with textures and sparkle. Let a designer help you choose something equally creative and pleasing for all the other days of the year. 

5. Consider a new rug or new lighting fixture for your entryway. Make this first impression of your home a space with impact rather than a pass-through area. Reserve a mud room entrance for your everyday clutter, and save your front door entry for a spectacular credenza and stunning artwork. 

6. Remember that some holiday treasures can stay out through the winter months. Fur throws, fur pillows, antler motif accessories, natural geode and agate embellished items, and candles with scents such as pine are all winter-friendly and not holiday specific. This allows you to enjoy them well into February!

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