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Plunge of Possibilities When Starting a Business

There are many admirable qualities that come with being a business owner. Between the flexibility it offers, stability for the future, and the control it comes with, entrepreneurship is not something that should be slept on. While some businesspeople start companies because of a passion for creation, others have undergone personal situations that have made it difficult to achieve goals. These hardships have shaped these hustlers into the successful executives they are today, with one of these individuals working his way through school and starting his first company in college.

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Kevin Hebner is an experienced entrepreneur with multiple businesses under his belt. Starting Hebner Construction during college, Hebner said the concept of construction came easily to him, focusing his company on residential building. After his college run, Hebner created Core Construction in 2006 to shift his focus toward commercial building.

Installing pools is no easy feat, and many people don’t realize all the steps and services that go into the process. Hebner understands this, and in the summer of 2020, he launched yet another company: Core Pool Solutions. After seeing a need for something more in the pool and hot tub industry, Hebner utilized his construction background to ease the pool-building process and ensure everything is completed correctly. While most pool companies come from a landscaping background, Hebner makes use of his construction experience to offer a full-service company people can’t find anywhere else in Omaha.

While some companies simply dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water, Core Pool Solutions handles everything from start to finish. Between acquiring electrical equipment, pouring concrete, retaining walls, filling pools, and adjusting chemicals, Hebner and his team make certain that each step is done to guarantee a pool that is ready to go without any extra work. Core Pool Solutions will even serve people whose pools they didn’t originally construct to certify all equipment is running smoothly.

If you’re considering building a pool and are unsure where to start, Core Pool Solutions promises to provide expert services that can’t be found elsewhere. Beyond just a pool being built, Hebner and his team look at the whole project to provide a different, detailed experience. “The difference is all of our work is completed by licensed people,” Hebner said. “It’s a longer process; we don’t build as many pools as other companies, but we make sure everything is done right.”

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