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Personalized Pregnancy Care from a Caring Heart

Jenny Hemmer was always interested in health care. “For a while, I wanted to be a doctor,” she said. “I’m an empathetic personality. I like to help people.” That caring heart led her to fulfilling work as a nurse in Omaha for over ten years. But overnight shifts and unpredictable schedules grew hectic, and family life called for a career change.

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In 2016, she found a perfect fit as a Nurse Care Manager at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE). Hemmer uses her nursing experience to lead the Pregnancy Care program, which guides and supports BCBSNE members through pregnancy and into motherhood, at no extra cost.

“Pregnancy is often a person’s first in-depth encounter with the health care system,” Hemmer explained. “Many times, a woman has only known check-ups or occasional visits.” She helps members navigate unfamiliar tasks, like understanding new prescriptions, finding in-network providers, or ordering medical equipment like breast pumps.

The program runs through Wellframe, a confidential, mobile-based application. Through the app, members can set reminders for medications and appointments, and find peer-reviewed content tailored to their stage in pregnancy. Most importantly, they can connect with Hemmer via chat or phone for one-on-one consultation and support.

“I follow a member through her pregnancy and help her get the most from her benefits,” Hemmer explained. That includes complex pregnancies: gestational diabetes, twins or triplets, and postpartum depression are just some of the situations the program supports. “Our goal is to help every mom to a full-term, healthy delivery and confident transition into motherhood,” she added.

When asked about the most common challenge for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, Hemmer didn’t hesitate: “Stress levels. We have regular check-ins to monitor members’ levels of anxiety and depression, and I get alerted about higher scores. Since COVID, those numbers have been higher across the board.”

“I’m very glad I can be there to support members in their ups and downs in life,” Hemmer shared. “When I worked in the hospital, I only had a short window of time to be there with patients. Now, I’m able to make sure our members have that continued support. I’m able to be more available to them, and that’s very fulfilling.” To learn more about the Pregnancy Care program, visit

Wellframe is an independent company that provides mobile-enabled care management services to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. Wellframe is responsible for its services.

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