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Helping clients discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest challenges for busy professionals and parents is finding time to work out. Eating healthy when you’re on the go is a close second. Corey Cain, owner of Black Clover Fitness, recognizes these challenges and has created personal training and nutrition programs that are fast, effective, and successful at helping those who are ready to feel better, younger, and have a healthier lifestyle.

Cain’s background includes a degree in exercise physiology, working as a trainer in Hollywood, CA, on TVs “The Contender”, and starting the Omaha Adventure Boot Camp. In 2008, he opened the first Black Clover Fitness location on 168th & Maple and last year opened a second location off 192nd & Q Streets. Through both private and semi-private personal training sessions, Cain said he works primarily with clients ages 34-60 who “want some help regaining that youthful lust for life.”

His business is built around five core values: professionalism, integrity, passion, communication, and humility. “Everything we do is built on the back of those values,” Cain said. “When we apply those to fitness as a service, then everyone is extremely successful.” Every team member has those core values, understands the importance of service, and must be effective at communicating. “We put a lot of emphasis on communication,” Cain said. “This is a career that requires talking to clients, even outside the gym via email or phone calls, which is why it’s one of our core values.”

Personal training requires building relationships, so professionalism is also extremely important to Cain. “As an industry, we need more professional people providing this service, so I want to help give the profession a good name,” he said. That professionalism includes hiring trainers who have the proper education background and spend six months training with Cain and his staff before working on their own with clients.

The programs at Black Clover Fitness start with a consultation on nutrition and what clients currently eat on a daily basis. “We can fix a lot of problems just through nutrition,” Cain said. He developed the Take Down Lifestyle, which sets guidelines with options on how to be successful at eating. “We don’t cut out foods,” he said. “We teach people how to eat what they enjoy and still get the results they want.”

Following the nutrition consultation, Cain and his team work with clients to develop the best approach to training depending on the client’s goals, abilities and limitations, and time. “We have a lot of busy professionals who want to work on their health and fitness, but they can’t devote all their time to it,” Cain said. “Our workouts are generally fast and intense, lasting 30-45 minutes, two to three times per week.”

The trainers change the workouts frequently, designing and developing them during weekly team meetings. The 3,500 square foot facility on 192nd & Q Streets is sleek and modern with a mix of traditional and cutting-edge equipment, including treadmills, elliptical machines, a hip sled, bar and dumb bells, ropes, as well as the multi-tool Synergy 360 system from Life Fitness, and a vibrating Power Plate that engages small muscles during exercises.

Both semi-private and private training is available, with semi-private sessions consisting of up to six participants. “We have a lot of flexibility with our training, and all clients can use the facility anytime outside of their training times,” Cain said. Clients also participate in Take Down Challenges throughout the year. “We participate in lots of events and give back to charities,” Cain said. “In fact, we’re currently looking for someone to sponsor our May challenge. For every pound our participants lose, we’ll donate $1 to that local cause.”

Community, clients, and culture are all important to Cain. The experience of his staff, the commitment to their core values, and the caliber of its facilities all make Black Clover unlike any other fitness company. “We genuinely care about our clients,” he said. “They can have a better life, and they can have it by working out with us.”

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