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Passion to Perform

Brooke Peterson  |   Senior   |  Millard North High School

Brooke Peterson is passionate about dance. According to Millard North coach Andrea Feltz, “Brooke is a very hardworking dancer. She’s always at 100 percent.” As a senior this fall, Brooke will be one of the team captains. She strives to be a good leader by being a positive role model, working hard at every practice, and showing the importance of teamwork. Coach Feltz believes Brooke sets the bar for the team. “She has high goals and expectations for herself and the people she surrounds herself with.”

Her devotion to dance has earned her the distinction of representing the Millard North dance team at Nationals for her freshman, sophomore, and junior years, with the team taking second in jazz and fourth in pom last year. The team has competed at Nationals for ten consecutive years.

“I really like going to Nationals because that’s where you perform your finalized routines,” she said. “You get to show everyone there what you’ve been working on all year and put your heart out on the stage.” She also revels in spending the week with her best friends, including going to Space Mountain, her favorite ride at Disney World.

During the busy part of the season, she balances school, dance team, and Kitty Lee classes and competitions. Brooke also volunteers with a “helping class” at Kitty Lee where she assists younger students with leaps and turns. She struggles to find time to rest her body, but “the biggest difficulty is finding time to do my homework.”

Her sophomore year the team volunteered at the Give Kids the World Village, which grants wishes to kids with life threatening illnesses. “We just had a fun time volunteering in their Winter Wonderland Parade,” she said. Volunteering there meant so much to Brooke because her cousin, who had cancer, had been granted a wish there.

After graduation she’s intent on competing with the UNO dance team while staying close to home. In the future, she aspires to go into either accounting or counseling. Her attention to detail, strong work ethic, and desire to give back make her a leader on the dance team and will serve her well no matter where she focuses her talents in life.

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