Richard Orth III — Par for the Course

Richard Orth III  |  Burke  |  Freshman

Not many golfers can claim the achievement of more than 60 top three finishes since 2012 or 15 wins, with five second place finishes, in 2016 alone. Far fewer are fourteen-years-old like Richard Orth III. Richard, who will be a freshman at Burke High School come fall, has loved golf since he was just three-years-old. He has participated in dozens of tours and tournaments, making a name for himself on courses all over Nebraska.

Richard still tries to make time for other activities in his life. Whenever possible, he likes to hang out with friends, play video games, and also likes to play basketball. He said that recreational basketball helps him to stay in shape and keeps him nimble out on the golf course. Richard remains humble when asked of his success. “My success has been pretty good. It’s just cool to be competitive.”

With high school near, Richard knows that it will be even harder to juggle school with his golf career but that it will be worth it in the end. He points out that making time for both golf and school teaches him good time management. His father, Richard Jr., and mother, Dee Dee, both support their son’s golf career but have never pressured him to pursue it. “It’s just exciting to watch him grow and progress,” Richard’s father said.

He explained that his son came to him and said, “Dad, this is my plan. This is what I want. I want golf in my life.” Though no plans have been made for after high school, Richard is determined to keep golf in his life, whether he attends college or tries to make it onto bigger tours. And he advises his peers to “definitely work hard and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

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