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One of a Kind Care

As two of the most proud proponents of chiropractic care, Nebraska native Dustin Sparks and his wife Angela have spent the last 10 years helping make chiropractic care a convenient and affordable lifestyle routine. After moving to Texas in the late ‘90s, the Sparks opened a chiropractic clinic in Austin. Within three years they were part of a group that opened 12 clinics and decided to bring their success back to Nebraska. This time they were recruited by a Nebraska-based company, NuSpine Chiropractic, and in April 2021 they opened the first Omaha franchise, marking the city’s first walk-in chiropractic clinic that’s open seven days a week.

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  • doctor stretching patience
  • doctor stretching patient
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Not only is an appointment-free clinic rare in the local chiropractic community, but so is offering a free hydrotherapy massage with each session. Each of NuSpine’s four hydrotables features a different temperature between warm and cool depending on the benefit needed for each patient. Another differentiator for NuSpine is that nobody pays more than $39 per visit. Instead of insurance, patients can choose the plan that fits their needs, and can use either HSA or FSA dollars. There are additional pricing benefits for veterans and teachers as well. “You can be treated once a week for the same price as going out to lunch,” Dustin said. “We can treat an entire family of four people for the same cost (or less) as an individual at other chiropractic clinics.”

NuSpine has 10 years of data that shows student athletes who received adjustments before and during the sports season saw plummeting injuries year over year, and individual athletes all reported increased performance and recovery. “With that kind of result, why not share it with the whole family at a price you won’t find anywhere else?” Dustin added.

Chiropractic has long been known to treat more than just back pain. Angela personally uses it once a week for her own wellness as a way to keep her entire immune system healthy. She also shared how it can address common issues seen in children, such as bed wetting, fevers, and chronic ear infections. “I’m a huge proponent of holistic health and caring for your body without medication or surgery,” she said. “There is always a place for medication and surgery, but letting your body do what it knows how to do should always be considered first. Chiropractic is an awesome way to do all that.”

Angela and Dustin worked with more than 20 chiropractors across their clinics in Austin, so they knew what to look for when hiring for their Omaha clinic—excellent adjusting experience, practice management, bedside table manner, personality, and a vast knowledge outside of chiropractic. They also knew they wanted a female chiropractor on staff because certain patients, such as an expectant mother, sometimes prefer it. They ended up bringing on two chiropractors: Dr. Ron Evans and Dr. Brooke Sloan. Both have similar adjustment styles and met all the criteria. During peak hours, they overlap in the office, otherwise one or the other is always available.

Evans was a semi-retired chiropractor in West Des Moines and decided to join NuSpine because of its philosophy for accommodating everyone’s schedule and budget, as well as the specific services offered. “The hydro beds help relax patients, enhance healing, and are a great adjunct to what we do. It’s not a therapy widely used in this area.” Sloan, who had practiced previously in Lincoln, said she was drawn to NuSpine initially because of the staff and enjoys working so closely with her patients. “You find a doctor and you form a bond,” she said. “Chiropractic care is literally for everyone. It keeps you healthy and makes you feel better overall.”

Chris Bolton and Brittney Petersen are both clinic coordinators and chiropractic assistants at NuSpine. Bolton, who hopes to become a chiropractor, said he enjoys learning from Evans and Sloan and gaining valuable experience before going to chiropractic school. Petersen said she loves that every day in the clinic is different, and she loves seeing patients get the help they need.

One of the best surprises since opening the clinic last spring is how well received NuSpine has been. “We hit the jackpot here,” Dustin said. “West Omaha has the nicest, friendliest, most helpful people, and a high quality of living.” Once Angela realized the weather changes all the time, they knew they weren’t going anywhere. “We’ve been asked to do training for new franchisees,” Dustin added. “It’s flattering.” In fact, Dustin said according to the company’s data, Omaha was ranked #2 in the U.S. for being receptive to a chiropractic clinic that offers walk-in appointments seven days a week.

Spreading that unique message is at the forefront of NuSpine’s mission. “There is a lot of marketing and awareness about being the only chiropractic clinic open every day of the week,” Dustin said. “It’s not traditional chiropractic, so we aren’t competition for other chiropractors. We are less expensive than most co-pays, and you can walk in without an appointment, even on the weekends. Chiropractic care is good for treating literally hundreds of symptoms besides pain and good for any lifestyle, and we make it affordable and convenient to fit any schedule. If you are working on your health, fitness, going to the gym, or improving your nutrition, NuSpine is the best supplement to any health and wellness plan.” For more information, visit

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