Never Go Out of Style

Interiors Joan and Associates’ team of accomplished designers have made it their passion for the last 60 years to never go out of style. The company includes a mix of designers who have been with the company for over 30 years and some who are making their mark in the local interior design industry. The team makes annual visits to the market in High Point, North Carolina, constantly keeping up with all the latest trends. 

This past visit one of the designers, Molly Kaplan, was invited to attend Taylor King College. She returned grateful for the opportunity stating, “The key takeaway for me is the thorough knowledge I gained of Taylor King’s manufacturing process. I left with a better understanding of the furniture-making process as well as a thorough knowledge of fabric and leather that has boosted my confidence in my ability to specify the furnishings that are best suited for my clients’ unique needs.” 

As for the trends, the designers found more color and curves. Color is making a strong comeback. This is evident with warmer, deep saturated colors such as gold, rusts, and dark greens or more neutral muted colors like pale shale pink, ivory, and creams. With the high level of stress in today’s world, people want color to provide more general relaxation as well as a visually striking space. 

The curves are not new to interior design; however, the element is used in place of the longtime angular shapes and strict lines. The soft lines of furniture are becoming present in new construction and architecture. This trend is found in architectural features like windows, doors, and hallways. 

The incorporation of natural stone is also making a big presence. Our designers are seeing the use of more onyx, marble, and travertine characteristics. Lighting continues to be a strong integral part of finished space, providing the desired ambience. In addition, there are textural fabrics like bouclé as well as heavily textured weaves and layered patterns in rugs, art, and wallpaper. 

To ensure you never go out of style, get in touch with one of the talented designers at Interiors Joan and Associates.

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