Navigating your Financial Journey with Proven Road Map

To avoid any unforeseen detours along the way, it’s best to navigate the journey to financial freedom alongside a team of trusted professionals who understand what it takes to reach the final destination. Everyone’s route to financial success is different, which is why Josh Passler, financial advisor at Innovative Wealth Partners, believes it’s important to analyze all aspects of a client’s situation in order to craft a truly personalized road map.

Entering the financial industry in 2014 was an easy choice for Passler, who always knew he wanted to use his skillset to help others develop a solid finance strategy. After spending seven years in the financial consulting realm, he decided it was time to take a different route by founding Riverview Financial Group in November 2021. Soon after opening, a new opportunity presented itself and in February 2022 he officially joined Innovative Wealth Partners—a move that he said has been an exceptional learning experience, resulting in rapid growth.

“Partnering with Innovative Wealth Partners has been amazing, and it was the best possible choice I could have made for my career and my clients,” Passler said. “I heard this a couple of years ago and really took it to heart: ‘If you want to do good, you can do things by yourself, but if you want to do great, then it’s best to work with and learn from others.’”

The team works to create a tailored experience for each client while focusing on the four cornerstones of finance: protection planning, cash management planning, investment planning, and estate planning. Passler is also an advocate for financial psychology, meaning he places emphasis on understanding a client’s mindset and financial habits.

Additionally, Passler’s wife, Michelle, is in the process of a completing a certification course for financial psychology at Creighton University and plans to join the firm. “She will be able to see things in a different light and help us make even more appropriate recommendations. We’ve been married six years, and she has been integral to all of my success and continues to be there every step of the way.”

As for the future of the firm, which established in 2019, Passler said the sky is the limit. “I would love if we could make this LLC into one of the biggest financial advisory firms in Nebraska,” he said. “I want to help people understand how we can help them with the four cornerstones of financial planning. I also want to make sure that CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals know we are an open book when it comes to working with other professions and can make their clients’ lives a lot easier.”

On a personal level, Passler also plans to focus on offering financial educational content at no cost. At the end of the day, Passler said his role as a financial advisor is not all about the money, but instead about the overall impact that he can make for his clients. 

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