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With energy savings on many people’s minds, the popularity of home window film has surged.  Window Tinting Company of Omaha has become the area’s leader in residential and commercial application as new advances in the window film industry are providing benefits to homeowners simply by retrofitting a thin laminate to existing glass.



Let’s face it, despite everything we’ve heard about glass houses, we’re building them!  Safety and security films are optically clear and subtly tinted polyesters that are designed to provide a powerful barrier which assist in holding glass in place should an impact occur.  No matter what the breakage is from: natural disasters, crime, vandalism, or everyday accidents, you can rest assured that security film will help control and even eliminate the danger and damage caused by broken glass.  Safety film is usually installed as an afterthought subject to loss.  Be proactive instead of being reactive and install safety film on all glazing that could be or is an issue in your home.


The Department of Energy says that installing window film is the most cost effective measure to lowering your utility bill and increasing comfort in your home.  Sun glare, infrared heat, and even loss of insulation can be significantly reduced and in some cases eliminated when retrofitting window film on residential glazing.  We’ve all been there, too much glare on the flat screen while you’re watching your favorite sporting event or not being able to eat dinner at the kitchen table because of the intense sun beaming through untreated windows.  Installing glare reducing films or virtually transparent solar films on your home will greatly reduce these issues while creating a more comfortable living space. 


Magnificent wood floors become sun-faded.  Bright colored fabrics installed on newly upholstered furniture washed out due to direct sunlight are significant fears of every new homeowner.  So we settle for living in drape covered caves instead of comfortably drawing the shades.  Installing UV reducing films on your existing windows will considerably reduce the fading of fabrics and wood floors from losing their luster.  While ordinary glass offers little to no protection from the sun, UV window films do, and at a fraction of the cost of other UV-blocking alternatives.  So open up your blinds and shutters and rest assured that you can safely let the outside in!


DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Surprisingly, there are many manufacturers of window film and even more dealers.  Make certain to choose a product based upon your specific needs. No single window film works for everyone.  We all have different levels of expectation and different perceptions of how the film should look and perform.  Today’s innovations in window film have allowed manufacturers to offer lifetime warranties when films are installed by factory authorized dealers. 

GET AN ESTIMATE OR MULTIPLE.  Apples to apples, make sure to choose a company you trust, someone who has a significant and meaningful track record and most importantly a company who treats you fairly.  Feeling great about the installation and performance of the film after you’ve paid is an even better feeling than knowing you got a great price.

SIT BACK AND RELAX.  Since window films are passive materials, you won’t have to replace batteries or flip light switches to get them to perform.  Enjoy the peace of mind that you get from knowing everything within your home is cared for because you took measures to provide protection, create comfort, and ensure beauty within your living spaces.

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