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Occasionally people ask, “Why would you have an indoor/outdoor living space in Nebraska?” The thought that you need to live in Arizona, California, or Florida to experience year-round enjoyment of the outdoors is simply not right. What people don’t know is that some Nebraskans enjoy all four seasons from the comfort of their own home.

At Falcone Homes, we have designed and built many custom homes with amazing indoor/outdoor spaces. They can be used all year and make for an incredible entertaining area. However, a functional, usable, and beautiful outdoor living area is not achieved easily. Each design element is crucial and is taken very seriously in all Falcone Homes. New and unique concepts are perfected in our homes to provide our clients with the best possible living spaces.

We do this partly by incorporating large panelized doors on the main level. When fully opened, they double the size of the living area. With one giant shift, your great room is transformed into a massive entertaining mecca with indoor and outdoor space. As a result, it is imperative that the exterior space matches the interior. Stained concrete floors, beadboard ceilings, and smooth stucco walls in a covered area are all great ideas.

The next step in the design process is climate control and interior comfort. Falcone Homes uses retractable insect and vinyl screens to keep the insects and weather out. Gas fire pits keep the area warm and cozy on chilly nights. Infrared heaters installed within the ceiling are also utilized. These heating units are unique because they can distribute heat directly to a person, table, or floor, warming objects rather than the air. The heat can be dispensed evenly and will not simply blow away in windy or drafty conditions. For comfortable use of the space in the summer heat, we can install A/C mini-split units that will keep the air cool.

Wiring the outdoor space for audio/visual is a must for a great place to watch the big game or listen to your favorite tunes while entertaining. TVs and in-ceiling speakers can be controlled with an app on your phone, and that same application also controls any outdoor cameras.

Being able to enjoy all the beautiful seasons that Nebraska has to offer is possible, you just need the design, vision, and mindset to make it happen. Give Falcone Homes a call if you are interested in building an amazing custom home, and we can design an indoor/outdoor living space that will make you the envy of many.

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