Luxury Home Organizing for Peace and Comfort

Mental wellbeing can be impacted by many factors, including one’s environment. A well-organized and visually attractive home can evoke feelings of peace and comfortability, while a cluttered home lacking structure can be stress-inducing. Fortunately for Omaha homeowners, Allison Helligso, owner of NEAT Method Omaha, implements thoughtful design and skilled attention to detail to deliver home organizing services that help clients maintain functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

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A lifelong believer in the positive impacts of organization and cleanliness, Helligso’s entrepreneurial journey first began in 2010 when she launched Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew. She used her background in training and development to exponentially grow the brand before selling the home cleaning company in 2017. Because Helligso enjoyed the hard work, transformation, and relationship building that came with working in the home industry, she knew she wanted to further explore the realm of home organizing.

Helligso decided to pursue her dream of owning a home organizing business and opened NEAT Method Omaha in October 2021. “I had been following NEAT Method on social media for several years, and I loved that the brand had a sharp, luxurious, yet still accessible look to its organizational systems,” Helligso said. “It was exactly what I wanted to offer. I have the support of corporate and the brand behind me, as well as the company’s product line. I also love having a network of other owners to learn from. It’s the perfect fit for me.”

The business’ primary service is creating function and flow through an organizational process. Any room or space can be organized, including kitchens, pantries, garages, playrooms, closets, mudrooms, laundry rooms, or just a single drawer that needs help. The client experience begins with a consultation to gather details regarding the family’s goals and needs. Next, Helligso takes precise measurements and sources customized products needed for each particular space. Perhaps the most convenient part is that the NEAT Method Omaha team can complete a project from start to finish in just one day.

NEAT Method Omaha can also help with moving and work with interior designers and builders to coordinate plans so that each space is optimal for organization. “Additionally, we can help pack for a move and coordinate the movers and help with pre-move editing and purging,” Helligso said. “We can also unpack and organize the new space so it is organized and smart from the very start.”

Helligso said individuals can become overwhelmed with the task of organizing a space. “People sometimes feel a heaviness when they walk into an unorganized home,” Helligso said. “Having a more organized home or space is so freeing and can bring so much joy. I want everyone to be able to experience this kind of peace.”

While professional home organizing has evolved and gained more interest over the past few years, there are still some individuals who are unfamiliar with the concept. It is Helligso’s goal to bring more attention to her brand and the industry as a whole.

Having worked in personal environments for 12 years, Helligso possesses an expertise that is both genuine and heartfelt. Her passion for the home industry and her clients produces an elevated end-result. “Organizing is fun because it’s a marriage of design, logic, and function,” Helligso said. “I thrive on that challenge. I love seeing a client’s reaction to their new and improved space. I watch as a weight is lifted from their shoulders.”

Helligso often receives positive feedback months after a project’s completion. Some clients express how much time and money they’ve saved since enlisting the help of NEAT Method Omaha, while others inquire about future projects—which Helligso said makes her work even more rewarding.

Some homeowners worry about preserving organized spaces, but Helligso is quick to reassure clients. “We create this plug and play system where you know exactly where to put everything because each item has a place,” she said. “You can’t mess it up and it becomes easy to maintain.”

As the brand continues to grow in Omaha, Helligso looks forward to building relationships with more local designers and builders so that both parties can work together to fulfill their clients’ needs. Helligso also hopes to plan an event in which guests can gain organizational tips while browsing product. “Ultimately, my biggest goal will always be for our clients to love their spaces and feel comfortable where they live,” Helligso said. “Hiring a professional organizer is an investment in yourself, your mental health, your peace, and your clarity—it’s an investment that pays off.”

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