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Living Well

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the great room is the brain. Often called a living room, or family room, these spaces have morphed over the last decades from a formal “show space,” to a livable mecca, where our kids do homework, we watch TV, eat meals, entertain family and friends, and host holidays. It’s our go-to space in our homes, and even though it has to be functional, it can still be beautiful. Engage the help of a professional designer to help you create a space that will wear well, playing the supporting role to your family’s lifestyle, all while being attractive.

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For our favorite room in the home, here are the latest trends in design that we have recently noted:

Hard wood floors – Hard wood floors are a beautiful way to add warmth and depth to a space. They are easy to care for, complimentary to upholstery, and provide a great backdrop for a spectacular area rug.

Dramatic fireplace designs – Fireplaces are focal points, so it’s no wonder why we center space plans around them and pour so much of our efforts and resources into their design. Current designs incorporate natural stone, onyx, interesting shaped fireboxes, gas, wood burning, tiles, hearths and mantles…the options are endless and the trend is to go big in this area. Get creative and keep it unique!

Interesting display cabinet options – While we are seeing a slight departure from the traditional symmetrical built in cabinetry flanking a central fireplace, there are plenty of creative twists on the feature. Try furniture in their place to provide a flexible and unexpected option, or experiment with asymmetrical design options to compliment your fireplace focal wall.

Window treatments – Window treatments have simplified over the recent years, but the one place we never scrimp on draperies is the great room. A true finishing touch, the difference in framing your view with dramatic drapery is a big one.  Window treatments come in a variety of styles and countless fabrics…we specialize in custom window treatments and they honestly do more than just protect your furnishings from damaging sun rays.  They also make a nice space STUNNING.

Amazing cocktail tables – Remember being told as a child not to put your feet on the coffee table? Well, they’re called cocktail tables now, and perhaps the name change is indicative of the piece’s incredible shift in sophistication. These pieces are central attention-getters in a great room, and they come in everything from live edge wood to metals, to glass, to acrylic, to a combination of woods and finishes. The possibilities are endless and the impact is enviable.

Beams – Don’t forget to look up! Nothing brings drama to a space like a unique ceiling feature. Wood beams, wall covering, coffering…these elements keep your eye moving through the entire room, and complete the design, giving your space a truly unique feel.

Whether you’re building your dream house, or renovating to create your ideal space, keep these trends in mind to create a gorgeous, functional, and lasting great room that will serve your family for years to come!

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