Let your Fireworks Display be Astonishing

Well known for its love of fireworks, Nebraska’s pyrotechnics scene is gaining more traction every year. Avid fireworks enthusiasts and co-founders of Twisted Thunder, a fireworks supplier located in the Omaha area, Ryan Steffen and Mark Texel first set out to help put Nebraska on the map in 2018. In just three short years, the business has grown from one location to six. Their philosophy is simple: offer higher quality products and more selection at a better price.

“We noticed this massive gap in the market from a product quality and performance standpoint, as well as price,” Steffen said. “While some companies might just carry one or two brands, we aim to offer more variety. We cherry pick from at least 20 different brands around the country in order to find the very best products.”

From artillery to smoke bombs to novelties, the team thoroughly analyzes each product offered to customers. In fact, research is such a key element for the business that it means watching more than 10,000 YouTube videos each year to make selections.

Along with product selection, Steffen said catering to customers is also at the core of the business—catering to a truly unique and customized experience. For this reason, the business not only provides a traditional fireworks stand experience but also the ability to purchase online and opt for delivery or curbside pickup. Each product on the website also features a video so buyers know exactly what they’re getting prior to purchasing.

The fireworks industry, like many others, faces uncharted territory this year, as massive shortages of product can be felt throughout the country. Despite this challenge, Steffen said Twisted Thunder will be well stocked and ready to serve customers this summer season. Plus, the recent passing of LB152, which lifts certain restrictions on fireworks, is a new cause for joy this year, Steffen said, as the new bill deems rockets legal throughout the state.

“This news is a really big deal,” Steffen said. “For us, it’s very exciting to witness such a big change like this in our community. We love interacting with our customers and working with local nonprofits, all while having fun.”

Twisted Thunder will be open from June 25 to July 4. To order or view products, visit For questions, contact Ryan Steffen at 402-318-5227 or

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