Stella Adeyemi A Leader of High School Volleyball Champions

Stella Adeyemi  |  Senior  |  Papillion-LaVista South High School

Senior Stella Adeyemi has grown as a volleyball player through playing for Papillion-LaVista (PLV) South High School as well as for Premier Nebraska Volleyball. “Playing for Papio South, I was able to strengthen my mental toughness as an athlete and learn how to handle high pressure situations,” she said. “Playing for my club has taught me how to respond in fast situations that will prepare me for the collegiate level, as well as how to lead in given moments.”

Shannon Smolinski, Premier Nebraska Volleyball coach said, “What I love most about Stella is how eager she is to learn and be a student of the game. Whether asking for practice film or getting the extra reps to improve in areas of her game, she has continued to embrace being a constant learner through feedback and technical work.”

When PLV South recently won the Class A State Volleyball championship, it was a huge high for the team. “Winning the State Championship was something that our team had envisioned since our very first day of workouts,” Adeyemi said. “With our physical and mental focus, we went into the tournament feeling that we were the best prepared. Winning State was a great feeling for myself and the rest of the team.” Adeyemi had her own personal high point from State. “Going on a serving run at the end of the set during the state semi-final, and getting four kills in a row in the championship match were highlights for me.”

Adeyemi is proud of how she’s handled the pressure and adversity. “One obstacle that was tough for me for a while was balancing athletics with everything else. There can be times when there’s a lot of homework that you just don’t have time for. You also have to balance your sleep with your mind and body. My solution was finding better ways to organize my time and making a plan for when I needed to get things done.”

Adeyemi is planning to attend University of Hawaii at Manoa to play volleyball while studying for a career in the medical field. Her drive and motivation will help her succeed no matter what she chooses.

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