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Driving into The Sanctuary home development in West Omaha feels like touring a wildlife park. Tree-lined winding roads that lead to private retreats are sprawled on acreage lots tucked among the natural woods. It’s what makes a home in The Sanctuary, a Lanoha development, so desirable, and a location that once homeowners are a part of, they don’t want to live anywhere else in town.

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That’s what drew one of The Sanctuary’s current residents to the subdivision, and when another home came up for sale, they decided to purchase it because they loved the area so much. Originally built and decorated in a Tuscan Style, the 9,000 sq ft. home recently underwent almost an entire remodel. It now features neutral colors in all the cabinets, flooring, and large pieces of furniture accented by bright pops of pinks and purples that can easily be changed to fit any color palette. With five bedrooms, an addition that includes a piano room, a finished basement, a pool and a four-car garage, the home had numerous elements that made it ideal.

The goal with the remodel was to give each room its own distinct feel and purpose because the owners felt too often you move from room to room with spaces that aren’t utilized. They started with the kitchen, opening up the space, moving the range hood higher to show off the marble wall backsplash, creating an oversized island with hidden storage around its base, and large upper cabinets accented with sophisticated hardware.

The living room also underwent major renovations, most notable the floor-to-ceiling fireplace with a stone surround and wood to match the wood surrounding the island in the adjacent kitchen. Stunning, oversized crystal chandeliers provide a femininity to the masculine quality of the wood and marble throughout the home, as do the fur accents used in several of the main rooms.

One of the most unique design elements is the use of texture and color on the walls that serves as art. Faux painting techniques that mimic textured wallpaper are strategically placed on wall cutouts, and a grasscloth mural directly on the office wall is even framed like an actual print with beading incorporated into the faux finish on the wall surrounding it. Several of the bathroom walls are flocked, providing a soft, elegant texture to walls, and even stone and marble serves as its own artwork in several areas. The advantage to using faux painting over wallpaper is that you can achieve the same look without having seams in the middle of the wall.

One of the keys to achieving such an elegant look was working with a designer and multiple artisans. The homeowners said people are often afraid to explore their own originality, instead replicating trends or sourcing from one place. But there are unique items everywhere and at every price point. As long as the large, central pieces are neutral—flooring, counter tops, and furniture—then other décor elements are easy to change.

But what also makes homes in The Sanctuary so extraordinary is that they’re able to let the outdoors in. Large windows allow for ample natural light and views of vast woods filled with deer, turkeys, and bald eagles that sit in the tree tops. In fact, the remodel included installing a picture window above the kitchen sink so the homeowners had a premium view out the front of the house. The Sanctuary’s setting is perfect for anyone who wants a quiet, private home that is unlike any other part of town. Every home has its own individuality that will fit many styles. For more information and to schedule a showing, contact Deb Cizek with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, 402-699-5223, Deb.Cizek@bhhsamb.com, or Andi Hallgren, 402-210-3546, Andi.Hallgren@bhhsamb.com.

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