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Fielding Success

Noah Gregor  |  Junior  |  Millard North High School

It’s important to think on your feet in Lacrosse. Not a problem for Noah Gregor, a junior at Millard North High School, whose problem-solving skills in Lacrosse are second to none, according to Coach Travis Timm. “When something goes right, he is one of the first to congratulate his teammates, and when things go wrong, he works through the problems to correct them in the game.” Noah plays for Cobra Lacrosse, a club team that combines players from Millard North, Millard South, and Skutt.

Noah possesses a fearlessness and leadership on the field that makes him a formidable defender. He has played both Junior Varsity and Varsity for the past two years, causing eight forced turnovers, three turnovers, and getting fifteen groundballs for Varsity this past spring. He enjoys playing defense and credits Coach Timm with helping him develop as a player and as a person. “Coach says go one hundred percent in everything, work hard.”

In the summer, Noah plays on a select tournament team that travels to Minneapolis, Chicago, and Kansas City. He’s played against the same metro area kids since sixth grade, so he enjoys playing against the fresh competition because it’s “different, more of a challenge.”

Outside of Lacrosse, Noah works for Omarail, an aluminum fencing and railing company. On days off school or on the weekends, he’s working. He balances everything by trying to keep it all separate and stay focused on what he’s doing in the moment.

When hanging out with his friends, they often play basketball or watch sports together. Everything with them revolves around sports. “That’s pretty much all we’d do or else we’ll start fighting with each other,” he said, smiling.

Noah is a jokester, keeping things light on the field. “I take it seriously, but I like to have fun.” The teammates give each other a hard time, and Noah’s often the leader in this area as well. “There’s definitely never a dull moment with Noah,” Coach Timm said.

Noah is excited about a future career in welding or carpentry. He plans to stay close to home after graduating, either attending a trade school at Metro Community College or joining the military. Based on his outstanding eye-hand coordination, problem-solving skills and quick reflexes that he uses for Lacrosse, Noah will excel at whatever trade he chooses.

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