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Design Expertise: Our Favorite Tips

The designers at Interiors Joan and Associates are different, and different is good! These professionals draw on their education, expertise, and experience to give their clients design solutions that are creative and functional. Professional design guidance is an affordable luxury, and working with a designer will expose you to new possibilities and products. We’ve compiled designers’ favorite tricks of the trade, and these top tips are not to be missed!

1. Old and new: A mix of modern pieces and antiques is always fresh, unexpected, and a foolproof way to create an eclectic, acquired look. 

2. Wallcoverings: Think hallways, powder rooms, the backs of built-in shelving, and even the inside of cabinets or other storage furniture pieces. This extra layer of color, pattern, and texture can up the interest factor in any of these spaces, giving you a true custom feel.

3. Look up: We only notice things at eye level and below. We like to use wallcovering, hand painted faux finishes (even using shards of glass for added sparkle!), and architectural details like trusses, beams, and coffers to add interest to ceiling spaces.

4. Paint: We are painting the ceilings and walls all the same color to create a monochromatic and cohesive look in a space. Never underestimate the power of changing a paint color and the effect that the finish of the paint (think matte, semigloss, etc.) will have.

5. Trends: Rely on a designer to help you decipher what timeless pieces to invest in and also what trendy pieces to inject for style and of-the-moment individuality.

6. Functionality: If you have pets and kids and a tendency to spill, then choose products that are both beautiful and low-maintenance.  The selection of products and finishes that are actually meant to be lived in is astounding. 

7. Art: Build a room around it and don’t underestimate its ability to transform a space.  Art has the ability to affect your emotions and evoke your memories. 

8. Personal: Incorporate family heirlooms, personal treasures, and things that help to keep your individuality shining through. 

9. Patterned carpet: This design element adds interest to nearly every project.  Don’t be afraid to go outside the box when selecting your next flooring.

10. Scale: Be mindful of ceiling height, furniture size, walkways, accessory size, rug size, and lighting fixture size.  These key pieces must be proportionate to the size of the room or else the space will appear overstuffed or sparsely appointed.

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