Daring Hair During a Pandemic

“Do something wild. No one cares right now!” Attempting something daring and out of character seems to be the running theme of the last year and a half in terms of fashion and hair. Although there has always been a need to express one’s self, the importance of a new type of self-expression over the last few months has been evident and almost a necessity.

When choosing to do something new and different, it is important to discuss the journey with your trusted stylist. Whether it’s split-tone color, a new fashion shade, a shag, or a fashion forward chop, your stylist can help walk you through all of the steps to be successful in the transition. Be open to hearing how long the process will take and how much the process might cost to produce and maintain.

After covering all of the steps and maintenance, next is visualizing what this new look will actually look like on you. Does it match your daily vibe? What kind of wardrobe change is required for such a look? Any upcoming weddings or formal occasions that you may need to consider before executing the look with the pro? Is enhancement in makeup needed? Don’t forget about the products needed to keep the color or help out the style. These are all questions that go through a stylist’s mind before they themselves make a major change. One thing is for sure, the entire project will be an adjustment.

Overall, the abrupt change is fun, exciting, and creates a shock value that not many will see in these early months of 2022. Considering most are still working from home, many will not even see the change live, perhaps only on social media.

So do what you want, wear what you love, and make that change if you are ready! And be sure to document the process. It will be something to look back on in the years ahead. Opinions will be given by some, but overall, anything can be changed again!

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