Culinary Delights at Ovation Heartwood Preserve

Ovation Heartwood Preserve, a senior living community nestled in the new Heartwood Preserve development, has become a beacon for those seeking an unparalleled dining experience. With a tantalizing menu and an atmosphere that merges nature’s embrace with culinary elegance, Ovation is redefining the art of dining.

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The Chefs

Executive Chef Matt Ruttle and Director of Culinary Services Tyler Ratigan orchestrate the symphony of flavors that unfolds within the restaurant’s walls. Ruttle’s journey began nearly three decades ago and has spanned the nation, with culinary exploits from New York to Las Vegas, NV, while Ratigan’s two-decade culinary voyage has embraced various cuisines and senior living communities.

Ruttle’s culinary story traces back to his roots in a pizzeria at the age of 18, a humble beginning that paved the way for his ascent through the ranks. From Japanese steakhouses to New Hampshire restaurants and serving with the Salvation Army, Ruttle’s passion for diverse culinary experiences shaped his vision. At Ovation he offers residents an array of choices that evoke the warmth of home and the sophistication of hotel dining. “I get to know their likes and interests,” Ruttle explained. “I try to offer the best experience possible by giving them different experiences than other senior living communities.”

Ratigan’s journey mirrored his counterpart’s richness, with a background spanning grandpa’s bar to sushi restaurants, a woman’s hospital, and senior living communities. Armed with a degree in culinary arts and a bachelor’s in healthcare administration, Ratigan brings a blend of flavors to the Ovation experience.

The Ovation Dining Experience

Ovation offers a delicate balance between homey comfort and the elegance of a high-end restaurant. The dining room serves as a gathering point where residents and their families convene from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., free from the constraints of designated dining times. The vibrant Lorraine’s Kitchen, overlooking tranquil courtyards on the second floor, doubles as a cozy hangout spot where coffee and snacks are as abundant as warm conversations.

Central to the Ovation experience is the exhibition kitchen at Lorraine’s Kitchen. Here, chefs like Ruttle and Ratigan craft culinary masterpieces while residents watch, forging a unique connection between the kitchen and the dining table. From steak nights every Friday to a six-week cycle of globally inspired cuisine, the menu caters to myriad palates, all with fresh, hand-cut ingredients prepared to order.

Residents’ favorites, like chicken pot pie, taco salad, prime rib, and the ever-popular salmon, exemplify the commitment to quality that pervades Ovation’s culinary offerings. The kitchen’s zest for innovation is evident in the rotating specials, a la carte menu, chef’s herb garden, and the consistent incorporation of resident feedback.

Looking forward, the Ovation team envisions an even more exceptional dining adventure. Plans include the expansion of venues like Miller’s and the incorporation of an exhibition pizza oven in the independent living building. Ruttle and Ratigan’s culinary passion and dedication to providing unparalleled experiences elevate the dining experience for residents and guests alike at Ovation Heartwood Preserve.

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