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Creativity Meets Coffee in an Adapted Corn Crib

It takes a creative mind to look at a corn crib and think—coffee! Seventeen-year-old triplets Morgan, Megan, and Maddie Moore have just such a spark. They serve a full menu of drinks from an adapted corn crib on their acreage in Elkhorn that has become a local destination for coffee lovers.


Edge: What inspired the three of you to start Corn Crib Coffee?

All: We love visiting local coffee shops; it’s one of our favorite things to do. When our mom mentioned ideas about using the corn crib, opening a coffee stand seemed like a no-brainer. At the end of the day, though, we really just wanted to help promote our family businesses (Forever Moore Farms wedding venue and Elevate & Create Retreats) and have lots of fun doing so!

Edge: Is it hard to work as a team?

All: Sometimes we find that our ideas clash, but overall, we have a pretty seamless system. We all perform a variety of tasks. These might include brewing the coffee, setting up the stand, and posting regularly on our social media.

Maddie: I’d have to say that I’m most proud of how quickly Corn Crib Coffee gained traction. I love how the local community embraced our business and helped foster our growth. It’s crazy that the community’s support has gotten us this far in such a short time. We had about 100 customers one Friday morning during the three hours we were open.

Edge: What are the future plans for the company?

Morgan: I think our biggest goal is to use our success to help support groups that are important to us. As we begin to have Corn Crib Coffee open as a pop-up throughout the school year, we will be able to hold fundraisers for these groups, such as our high school’s DECA chapter. We’re proud to say that Corn Crib Coffee has already raised $65 for DECA in just one morning.

Edge: What difficulties have you encountered with Corn Crib Coffee?

All: It was hard to figure out the logistical side of the business. For example, the menu options were endless. But with cooperation, we were able to narrow it down to our current menu. As far as the setup of the actual coffee stand, it took a few openings to get into the rhythm of things.

Edge: What else do all of you do in your free time?

Wendy (mom): All three of them are definitely go-getters, and the coffee shop is just one example. Maddie loves creating and releasing her own music on Spotify and Apple Music under the name Maddie Moore Music, Morgan has consistent business with an Etsy shop called Thrifty Thread Styles, and Megan is thinking about creating a business from her @StudyThyme1 Instagram account, which offers aesthetic pictures of study notes and various themes of academic organization.

All: There are seven kids in our family, so life is pretty busy. As the youngest three, we are the final kids to go through senior year, college admissions, and whatnot. We are definitely looking forward to the future and what will come for each of us!

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