Competitive Spirit

Brody Brummer  |  Sophomore  |  Elkhorn High School

Elkhorn High School sophomore Brody Brummer is an all-around athlete because of his natural curiosity. Every time a family member talked about a sport they played, Brummer wanted to try it. As a result, he now plays tennis, basketball, golf, and lacrosse. “I hope I see myself in the future playing a professional sport whether it’s lacrosse or golf,” he said. “I have not made my decision about which one that I love more and want to play at a professional level, but I strive to be a great athlete and the best person that I can be.”

Brummer is proud of the fact he played varsity golf and lacrosse as a freshman. He enjoys playing lacrosse for Elkhorn High School as well as for his travel team. “My travel team is really close. We joke around a lot and we also have a lot of fun on and off the field. My high school team is more competitive. We have competitions within practice and also try to be the best so we can be in that season. Both coaches are great, and the environment is really uplifting.”

Although a talented athlete, Brummer has had his share of difficulties. “One obstacle that I personally dealt with has to do with my height and my size,” he said. “As a sophomore, I am a lot shorter than most of the typical lacrosse and basketball players, which is challenging, but I’ve found ways to overcome that and use my height to my advantage. I am fast and very shifty, which helps me get around offenders and look for the open person on the court or on the field.”

Brummer’s friends, family, and teammates give him the motivation to work hard and be the best he can be. “I get my drive to compete from my competitive personality, which came from my family.” He also participates in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “It makes me grow closer to God while also growing closer to the game.” He’s also involved in sports camps for younger players. “I like to help teach younger kids how to play the sport and behave on and off the field.” No matter which of the four sports he’s playing, Brummer is sure to give it his all.

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