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Committed to Excellence

Rylee Gray, Sophomore, Elkhorn South High School

Rylee Gray eats, sleeps, and breathes volleyball. Although she also plays basketball and competes in field events such as discus and high jump, volleyball is a year-round sport for her. She currently plays for Nebraska Elite as well as Elkhorn South High School.

Her intense drive to succeed has already taken her far. After her Nebraska Elite team took second at Nationals this summer, she was still on a high when her coach told her that she might be able to make a decision about committing to the Huskers, even though she’s only a sophomore. “I feel like deep down I always knew, I was just waiting for the right time,” she said.

Once she spoke with her parents and the Husker coaches, she decided to surprise both sides of her family when they came to their lake house on July third. She told them, “I just want to thank you for being there for me, and I have something to share.” She revealed a big Eileen’s cookie with “Future Husker” written on it, and there were lots of screams and hugs all around. She announced it on social media on July seventh because the number seven has always been her club jersey number and it was also her mom’s jersey number. “It was only four days away, but it felt like a long four days.”

Rylee doesn’t get much time away from the volleyball court, but she tries to be as involved in her church as she can. She helped with vacation bible school and volunteered at Restore for Habitat for Humanity for her church as well. When she has the chance, she also loves hanging out with her friends and going to football games.

Despite her success, Rylee got a taste of frustration this summer when she tried out for the USA Youth National training team and made it, however didn’t get to travel to compete. Rather than setting her back, this only inspired her to work harder. “I’m going to keep training and make that team.” Rylee aspires to play professionally after college, hopefully playing in the Olympics. Remember the day you see Rylee Gray step onto the Nebraska Huskers volleyball court because she is a player to reckon with.

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