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Leaders By Design

Interior designers and their clients benefit from the ASID professional network   Brad and Cindy Lewis had never worked with an interior designer before. When they started building a lake house outside of Waterloo — while living in another town — they quickly realized how useful a professional designer could […]

The Headache Whisperer

Omaha Headache Clinic uses non-medication approach to ease headache pain Omaha Headache Clinic 18460 Wright St #9 402-933-5392 omahaheadachespecialist.com   Headache facts • About 78 percent of adults experience a tension-type headache, the most common form of headache, at some point in their lives. • About 13 percent of Americans […]

More Than Cleaning

Fashion Cleaners tailors services for eager clientele Cleaning more than 15,000 pieces of clothing each week, Kermit Engh starts to philosophize about the emotional power of one’s wardrobe. Compounded over a lifetime, the task of choosing what to wear takes on surprising emotional significance. “If you were to close your […]

Creating Tremendous Good

Crowd-funding website offers new way to extend neighborly hand   Growing up in rural Nebraska, Colleen Maciejewski witnessed how small acts of charity can raise a barn or help a family in need. Red Basket, her recent venture with Woodmen of the World, is her way of bringing neighborly help to the digital […]

Easing Surgical Recovery At da Vinci

da Vinci surgery offers patient benefits A day after the hysterectomy, Staci Robinson cheered in the stands at her son’s football game. A second-grade teacher and mother of two, Robinson is constantly on the move. With da Vinci surgery, Robinson didn’t have to wait long to get back to her […]

Bowled Over – The V Provides Entertainment For The Family

Entertainment center offers fresh take on American pastime Mike Zabawa’s typical attempt to take his family bowling used to go something like this: Cart the kids to the local bowling establishment. Put your name on a waiting list, since only a few lanes are open to non-league bowlers. Meanwhile, attempt […]

A Perfect Travel (and Transport) Experience

Lounging on a white sand beach after a morning of scuba diving, or perhaps hitting the slopes before relaxing in front of the lodge fireplace – vacation options are endless. When you decide where it is you’d like to travel to, many other decisions need to be thought out before […]

SCULPTing a revolution

Omaha is introduced to contemporary cosmetic surgery Dr. Gerard Stanley is fulfilling the dreams of many — to have a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in a beautiful spa-like environment, all with a shorter recovery time. Stanley has taken his extensive medical knowledge and training and is making this an option […]

Wine, dine & more at Village Pointe

Brix at Village Pointe evolves beyond wine In the 1990s, Dan Matuszek envisioned bringing a retail store to Omaha with a Starbucks vibe and a Barnes and Noble look, and the added bonus of a bistro and party room. On the shelves? Lots and lots of wine. The twist: Customers […]

Cigar Sophistication is More Than a Roll of Tobacco

ci-gar 1. a more or less cylindrical roll of tobacco cured for smoking, of any of various lengths, thicknesses, degrees of straightness, etc., usually wrapped in a tobacco leaf. Idioms 2. informal. not being a winning or successful effort, as if not good enough to earn a cigar as a […]