Caring Conflict Resolution

Jennifer Turco Meyer truly cares about her clients

One of the great things about our country is having a legal system in place to resolve disputes when needed. But it’s a complex system, and having someone who can help you navigate through the process is critical, especially if it’s your first experience. Jennifer Turco Meyer with Dyer Law is committed to fighting for what’s right and taking the time to explain and educate her clients about all of their options and about the process from start to finish.

Mayer’s love for law started at an early age. When she was five years old she asked for a briefcase for Christmas. In high school she was on the academic debate team where she discovered her talent for persuasion. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and then was graduated from law school at Creighton University.

As the first member of her large Italian family to earn a graduate degree, she worked her way through, putting in 40 hours a week as a trainer for a telemarketing company. As a result she witnessed a number of employment issues in the workplace. “I realized how much people identify with their jobs,” Meyer said. “When someone loses their job, it affects their whole family. Or when a small businesses’ reputation is at stake, which affects the entire community.”

Although she has worked in many different types of law, she focuses primarily on employment law, which includes non-compete cases, wage and hour claims, and wrongful termination claims. She also helps businesses ensure they’re being compliant by reviewing employment handbooks and other documents. Regardless of the case, her passion is being in the courtroom. “I love being able to help and argue on behalf of people in these types of cases because it has such as impact on their lives,” Meyer said.

At her current practice, she is one of five attorneys, but she is the only one who works on employment law. She says she takes a very personable approach to practicing law that is more dynamic than perhaps others. “I spend the time talking to my clients and getting to know them—their families, interests, goals, and fears,” Meyer said. “That way when it comes times to give my clients advice about their case, I can focus on the big picture and take into consideration what is really important to them.”

She said that so often attorneys look at every problem as requiring a legal solution, which is what they’re trained to do. But often a problem doesn’t require a legal solution. Rather, they require someone who can point out real world solutions to resolving conflicts. It all goes back to her unique approach to spending time with her clients and explaining to them every option available. And because most of work is contingency cases, she’s not bound by billable hours. “My firms works as a team and is very good about communication with our clients and helping each other out,” she said.

Another benefit of working for a smaller firm is that she’s able to achieve a positive work-home life balance. As a mother of two toddlers, her schedule and time at home are precious. Although it’s a daily struggle to fit everything in, she has a supportive husband and work environment that recognizes flexibility is key. “There’s been a big change in the legal profession for both men and women to set boundaries and have family time,” Meyer said.

Genuine care and respect are a common theme for Meyer. She said even when she spends a day working on 10 files for 10 different clients, she reminds herself that each of those clients are living their case all day, every day. “I try to recognize what they’re facing and what they’re going through,” she said. “I’m just grateful they trust me with their difficult issues.”

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