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Building Lifelong Dreams

A 25th anniversary is an accomplishment to celebrate in any form, but when it’s in the construction industry, that milestone is even sweeter. For builder Brian Falcone with Falcone Homes, it’s a testament to how far he’s come, from learning each trade growing up on his father’s job sites, to starting his own home building company after earning a business degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha. The first home he ever built was a modest duplex on 114th & Pacific Street. Today he and his team build 10-12 custom homes each year as well as high-end remodels. Falcone Homes recently showcased their talents at the MOBA 2018 Street of Dreams in which their urban modern style won Best Master Suite and Best Outdoor Entertaining Area.

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This was the third award winning Street of Dreams home for Falcone and featured a 4,800 sq. ft. one and a half story with finished basement. The home included a number of unique features that Falcone often sees in homes on the West Coast, most notably the concrete deck with Panoramic doors that open to create one large great room. It also includes an electronic screen and optional additional vinyl screen for a true all-seasons room. “Outdoor living is so important, and we wanted to show people something they’ve never seen before,” Falcone said.

Other unique features are the concrete bio fuel vent-free fireplaces throughout the home, the floating staircase, and the custom wine cellar wall in basement. Falcone also puts an emphasis on using a mixture of finishes throughout the home, incorporating different metals and woods. This home has cedar beams across many ceilings, interior brick detail, custom iron front doors, and interior reclaimed barn wood doors. Rather than granite, all countertops are quartz, and it includes a commercial-grade glass divider wall in the basement, which isn’t often seen in a residential application.

Typically, participating in Street of Dreams doesn’t produce an instant return, but Falcone said the popularity of this model and design did result in two custom home sales in the first week alone. And while half of his clients use one of Falcone’s existing floor plans, the other half design completely custom homes. “I put a lot of research into my designs and travel all over the country to bring my clients the best trends, finishes, and floor plan functionality,” Falcone said. For example, the champagne-colored cabinet hardware and the exterior concrete firepit on the deck in the Street of Dreams home was a trend he saw in California six months ago and thought it was one his clients would be drawn to.

Falcone attributes the company’s success to his team of experts, which includes his Construction Manager Jody Dix, Office Manager Teia Dix, and his two sons, Landon and Jaden, who are quickly becoming the next generation of Falcone builders. Falcone also encourages his clients to work with interior designer Clarissa Tuxhorn with Lee Douglas Interiors “Clarissa helps from the very beginning of a project with floor plan, exterior and interior finishes, fixtures, furniture layout, and everything in between,” he said

“I started out as a one-man show, and it got to be too much,” Falcone said. “The key was to find a team in which everybody is really good at what they do and let them do it.” He also pointed out that the construction industry is cyclical, and longevity in the business is due to perseverance. “Twenty-five years is a long time in this industry and takes a lot of hard work and foresight to weather all the storms. Diversification is key, and Falcone has since created a real estate sales team that sells his new homes and existing homes of clients. He has also partnered in developing subdivisions. The first will be ready in Papillion late 2019. I’m conservative and try to think several years ahead.” That forethought translated to recognizing the growth markets within Omaha, primarily the Elkhorn and Gretna school districts, and Falcone said he’ll be branching into Papillion as well.

Overall the housing industry is strong, which means builders must stay ahead of their competitors. But to do that requires more than just a good location and floor plan. “Those elements can certainly get you there, but first comes a great team to help keep customers happy, not just during the build, but after the home is complete as well,” Falcone said. The fact that they have built multiple homes for the same client over the years is testament to that. When asked what he likes best about what he does, Falcone said, “I love building homes and transforming someone’s wish list and dreams into a reality. That’s the best part.”

If you are interested in custom building or remodeling contact Brian Falcone of Falcone Homes. 402.510.9797.

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