Bring the Inside Out with Landscaping

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in the serenity of your own outdoor space. Maybe you surround yourself with evergreens for privacy, colorful flowers that attract butterflies, or a fire feature for evening ambiance. Designing the perfect space requires planning, expertise, and quality work, and Jay Moore Landscaping brings all three to each custom project.

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Jay Moore was born into landscaping. His parents started Moore’s Landscaping & Nursery in 1961. Moore spent summers, weekends, and after school working with his family, and it was a way of life he truly loved.

In 2005 he decided to spin off and started Jay Moore Landscaping. The main differentiator between the two family businesses is that Moore’s has a retail garden shop and Jay Moore doesn’t. “I didn’t want to do retail—just focus on design, build, install, and maintenance,” Moore explained.

That strategy has served his company well, establishing Jay Moore Landscaping as a leader in landscape renovation, paver patios, retaining walls, fire and water features, and outdoor drainage and water problems. Whether it’s an elaborate outdoor design surrounding a home or planting a few bushes, Moore said it never feels like work. “Planting flowers is fun, and it puts homeowners in a good mood. They’re investing in something they enjoy, as opposed to spending money on repairs.”

Moore takes pride in several areas of his business: materials, labor, and customer service. He has an acre and a half on site for his nursery and sources much of his plant materials from colder climates such as South Dakota, northern Illinois, Minnesota, and Oregon. Plants from warmer climates are less expensive, but they don’t fare as well in Nebraska’s colder climate. “We can have 100-degree temperature swing during the year, so plant material has to be tough,” Moore said.

Because of the state’s harsh winters, homeowners want to get the most out of the shortened growing season—the most color for the least amount of maintenance. Moore said new hybridized breeds of hydrangeas are becoming popular for their colors and extended bloom times. Dwarf butterfly bushes and dwarf hibiscus are also customer favorites and have replaced shrub roses, which tend to fall victim to Japanese beetles every summer.

Moore’s favorite plant material are evergreen trees because they provide color and privacy year-round. “People are building bigger houses on smaller lots and spending more time outdoors, so if your neighbor’s house is close, evergreens make great privacy screens,” he said. Because of their popularity, evergreens can be challenging to source, but Moore does whatever he can to ensure he has them when needed.

Patio pavers and retaining walls are another area where Moore keeps up to date on materials. With new colors and options coming available all the time, he works closely with Watkins Concrete Block Company in Omaha. Customers can peruse options at Watkins, but once they’ve made a selection, Moore takes samples to the home to ensure the homeowner is happy with the color once they see it next to their home. Moore also installs rooftop suspended paver patios on buildings, which allow for a proper invisible drainage system and have become popular, especially in the downtown area.

Labor shortages have been an issue with many industries as of late, but Moore said that has subsided for landscaping. He has a core crew that has been with him for 25 years and has had to turn down seasonal labor because his workforce is full. His philosophy is to pay workers well and have them work fewer hours in the day. “They have families and other interests, and they perform better when they only have to work until 3pm and then have the rest of the day open.”

When it comes to customer service, Moore’s outlook is simple: if someone is unhappy, he corrects it at no charge. “Everyone drops the ball, it’s a matter of how you pick it up. I try to correct issues as fast as I can.” Mistakes are infrequent because Moore is so hands-on with every project. He meets with the customer, designs the plan himself, presents the plan, paints bed lines, flags tree locations, and oversees the project. “I want to be involved in all the initial work so the customer is happy,” he said. That might include having the homeowner sit in their “spot” on the patio so Jay knows exactly where to put trees for privacy, or placing patio furniture to ensure the space is large enough.

Taking a homeowner’s lifestyle into account is a key aspect to the design of the outdoor space. Customers who have a modern style inside their home will prefer angular flower beds, black mulch, and ornamental grasses. Homeowners with a more traditional taste probably prefer curved beds and a variety of color. “The inside of the home has to match the outside,” Moore said

No matter the project, Moore said landscaping doesn’t have to be complicated, and the cost is worth it, adding value to your home over time. “As plants and trees grow, they add value every year. Paver patios are more expensive than concrete, but pavers will last much longer, so it’s a better investment.” Whether you want to spruce up your outdoor living space or turn it into a low maintenance, long-term private oasis, Jay Moore Landscaping can help extend your indoor living space outside for year-round enjoyment.

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