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Be Bold

If someone would ask you about the most pervasive home décor trends of the late 80s and 90s, wallpaper would likely come to mind.  Now wall coverings are back, in a big way, and they aren’t displaying the same design elements of yesteryear. Bold, graphic prints, metallic and geometrics are showing up on wall covering everywhere. In fact, according to, people are searching for “bold print wallpaper” on Pinterest 401 percent more frequently than they have in years past. The interior designers at Interiors Joan and Associates have outlined their five favorite wall covering trends:

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Metallics: Whether it’s a subtle sheen created by a metallic thread woven into a grass-cloth wall covering, or a bold statement of grandeur with mica fragments, 1mm glass beads applied in pattern, mother of pearl overlay or even metal sheeting wall tiles, metallic elements are all the rage. This sparkle is best applied in areas to peak the viewer’s interest, such as a ceiling coffer or a powder bath where a little shine goes a long way!

Pattern embossed: Some wall coverings feature an embossed pattern that gives them the appearance of crocodile skin, or other intricate textures. This adds a luxe feel to otherwise plain walls, elevating the style of the room.

Wood veneer: Ultra-thin strips of wood paper are arranged in various patterns, such as sunbursts or other geometric designs and then applied to the wall. A warm, cozy feel is created, and it can be adapted to fit both rugged and refined spaces.

Textural: Texture can be created both literally and visually. We are seeing a lot of literal texture being stamped into vinyl wall coverings to create a more sophisticated look for commercial applications. Other recurring trends are the textures created by using natural elements such as hemp and grasses, flocking papers, using cork and mica, and other materials that combine to make an interesting visual collage.

Handmade wall coverings: A local “To The Trade” company creates handmade wall coverings. With a robust portfolio of styles and a knack for customizing with added elements and color ways, this company is a designer’s best friend. There is nothing quite so beautiful as applying a hand made creation to the walls of your space, in its entirety.

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