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Balance Your Life

Finding balance in life is a goal most of us continuously try to achieve. The connection between mind, body, and soul is innate, and there are many ways we try to reach it. Fitness is at the heart of that connection, and Club Pilates believes in the philosophy that if we move better physically, we feel better, and in turn we live better. Strengthening the core and spine builds a stronger body and a stronger overall being. And the best part is that anyone of any fitness level can participate.

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Pilates was invented in the 1920s by German fitness trainer Joseph Pilates. While interned in Britain following World War II, he helped bed-ridden patients exercise by devising resistance systems in their hospital beds. Upon release, he brought the concept to the U.S., and by the 1960s, the Pilates method of stretching, balancing, and strengthening had become popular across the country. Today, Club Pilates has taken that original concept and modernized it using state-of-the-art Reformer machines, as well as TRX, EXO-Chair, springboard, Bosu balls, and more.

Club Pilates currently has three locations in Omaha: 156th & Maple, owned by Angelia and Jay Froscheiser; and two locations owned by Lisa and Regi Powell —one at Clocktower Village and another at Lakeside. Both couples had been separately exploring franchise opportunities and decided Club Pilates was the right fit, but for different reasons. The Powells had owned an insurance agency and wanted a new venture after selling. Lisa was drawn to the idea of fitness and helping to improve lives. Angelia had suffered from neurological health issues and fell in love with Pilates when it helped improve her symptoms. “The idea of bringing Pilates to the masses really appealed to me,” she said.

That belief that all fitness levels can participate is at the base of how classes are structured. There are four levels from beginner to the most advanced, and people are encouraged to progress through the levels at their own pace. Multiple types of classes are offered at each level, which promotes a comfort factor and sense of community knowing everyone in class is in the same boat. “Going to a gym or traditional Pilates class can be intimidating, but there is no judgment here,” Powell said. “We encourage everyone to try it, because we know people will fall in love with it.”

Anyone can call or sign-up online to take a complimentary 30-minute intro class, which are offered multiple times a week at each location. After that, memberships are available in a variety of forms: four, eight, or unlimited classes per month, as well as private and semi-private classes. The cost of a class is about one-third less than Pilates classes at other fitness centers. Classes accommodate up to 12 people, and all instructors are certified through the Club Pilates program, which requires 500 hours of education.

Powell and Froscheiser both said the response has been amazing. “People can start to see the difference in their body right away without having to workout intensely,” Powell said. The low impact nature of Pilates is appealing but still effective and efficient. “It’s a great workout by itself, as well as a perfect supplement to other types of fitness,” Froscheiser added. In fact, the method was first incorporated by the New York City Ballet to improve dancers’ strength and flexibility. But what was once considered only for athletes or the affluent is now available and cost-effective for everyone.

“I never used to enjoy working out and could never keep a consistent fitness routine,” Froscheiser said. “Pilates is the first workout I’ve found that I enjoy doing and look forward to. I don’t try to make excuses for not going, and my body actually craves it.” Both women are working toward their instructor certifications, and anyone interested in becoming an instructor is welcome to go through Club Pilates’ teacher training sessions at the studios.

Above all, Powell and Froscheiser encourage everyone just to try a class. They are always touched by the stories members share of how Pilates has changed lives. “Pilates is truly life changing,” Powell said. “And we are a community of people who supports each other in a vibrant setting that welcomes everyone.”

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