Achieving a Dream and Making History at the Same Time

Regan Rosseter  |  Sophomore  |  Westside High School

When Westside High School sophomore Regan Rosseter was four years old, she watched her cousin Ryder wrestle, and she was hooked. “I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect on my first night of practice, but the coach’s daughter was there also.” She has wrestled for Coach Tony Vanderpool at Nebraska Wrestling Academy since she was five years old. Now she’s one of the oldest girls on the team. “On some of my nights off, I help coach the little kids. Coaching them really helps me understand a move and the importance of the relationship between a coach and the athlete.”

Her freshman year, Rosseter was the only girl on Westside’s wrestling team. “The boys treated me like one of them. I loved how they supported me when I was wrestling for the state title my freshman year.” Her sophomore year, the state finally sanctioned girls wrestling. “Wrestling at the CHI Arena with the boys and getting the same recognition as the boys do was unbelievable. It was an honor being able to be the first 126-pounder to win a state championship for the state of Nebraska!”

Her early dedication to wrestling has paid off. Rosseter hit her fiftieth career win in her sophomore season and was also named one of the Westside team captains for the boys and girls team as a sophomore. “It’s just an honor to be able to do what I love and be able to set records for my school.”

According to Coach Bob Mulligan, Westside girls head wrestling coach, “What makes Regan so special is her drive and determination to be great. She knows her goals and ambitions and understands what it takes to get to the level she wants to get to. She is truly a fierce competitor but also an extremely motivated athlete.”

Rosseter traveled to France in May to represent the United States for the 2022 International School Sport Federation (ISF). She also has big goals for her future. “I want to see myself in the Olympics. I also want to go to college for wrestling and become a wrestling coach in the near future.” She credits her coaches, parents, and family members for her motivation and drive to compete. “They make me love the sport more because they support me in what I love to do.”

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