A Simple Solution

Even with all her background and expertise in personal training, exercise science, and physiology, Kristen Grundke was surprised she never heard about what she believes is the best-kept secret for women to look good and feel great. In fact, Grundke formed her Elkhorn-based fitness company, KLivFit, and its primary product offering around the concept.

It’s not the latest fad diet or calorie-counting program. It’s not a silver-bullet pill or a food plan that’s going to cost money and take valuable time to manage. According to Grundke it’s simple and it’s life changing: fasting.

That’s it. Combined with full-body weight training that’s easily sustainable and doable anywhere, Grundke has learned from her experience and scores of raving fans that taking a strategic, planned break from eating has more health benefits—especially for women—than any other wellness element she has coached over the years.

Her Formula3 (F3) trifecta—fasting and fitness for females —is the driving force behind her company that helps women gain control of their health through 1:1 coaching, motivating F3 groups, or corporate coaching sessions. “When you let your body rest from digestion and create space by changing the frequency of your meals,” Grundke said, “Your body can heal, your brain works better, your sleep improves, you can manage stress better, and it’s proven that you lose weight and can look and feel the way you want.”

It almost sounds too good to be true, but Grundke discovered the powerful effects of fasting first-hand. A few years ago, while navigating a health crisis of her own—her hormone levels were dangerously high and her liver was not processing properly—the health and nutrition coach with degrees in physical education and exercise physiology needed help.

She remembered that her “hippie” mom fasted her whole life and was always healthy. And she knew from studying the human body that fasting was the best way to repair that vital organ. “I did a 36-hour fast,” Grundke said. “It was like a light switch went off in my brain, and I felt different. A health crisis sent me in that direction, but it became a very natural process to transition into a new space. I’m just surprised that nobody ever shared this with me before.”

The impact of fasting was too good to keep to herself, as Grundke discovered she was not alone. Most women who came to her for guidance shared the same story: hormonal changes were reshaping their bodies—and not in the way they wanted—and fitness and food approaches that worked in the past were no longer successful. Their clothes were tight in the wrong places, their energy was low, and they were out of answers.

“It’s such a big need as women age because of these hormonal shifts, and many of them feel hopeless to build the life and health they want,” said Grundke, who added that insulin control is the primary driver of the transformational effects of fasting. “Fasting is a sustainable habit that saves time and money in meal prep and changes the way you look at food. You don’t have to miss out on your favorite foods or vacations because of a more restrictive eating plan.”

Most clients lose 20-25 pounds through the 12-week F3 program, which includes 1:1 coaching and personalized weight training workouts that fit each person’s lifestyle. Along with the body reshaping that happens, clients exit the program with newly established fasting and exercise habits they can maintain on their own.

Grundke cited a prison study that proved time isn’t normally the issue when it comes to exercise—prisoners had nothing but time, but most chose not to move. “Most exercise plans are too structured and not flexible enough to change when things in your life change,” Grundke said. “You must be able to pivot and have a plan that’s doable in the times and places you have available. We go for small spurts of movement—move often and master a few strength exercises you can do anywhere and with limited time.”

KLivFit also offers corporate coaching to support the wellness efforts of small to medium-sized businesses for their employees. Like the the F3 process, Grundke educates staff on how employees can get and stay healthy through lunch-and-learns, 1:1 coaching, and small-group coaching. Grundke can also augment the wellness programs large companies offer as a supplement to their corporate plans.

The F3 education improves employee morale and loyalty to the business, while also strengthening employees’ ability to produce good work. “When we feel well because our company invested in our wellbeing, we are more likely to see ourselves as a valuable part of the business and not just a number,” Grundke said. “I’m interested in getting people healthier through simple, easy-to-implement habits that can fit into anyone’s busy schedule.”

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