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A Love for Team

Elkhorn South High School graduate and Elkhorn Athletic Association (EAA) scholarship winner Jaci Vanderloo has played softball for thirteen years. She began playing for the Elkhorn Slammers when she was in third grade. “Some of my best memories playing softball came from that team and my time with EAA. Since then, I have played for Nebraska Quakes and now Nebraska Gold.”

Softball has taught Vanderloo some life lessons. “One of the biggest obstacles I have had to face is just learning that failure is not a bad thing. It can help me grow as a person and a player. It took me a long time to learn that but I would not be where I am without all of my failures.”

Vanderloo loves being a part of a team, whether for Elkhorn South or one of her travel teams. “I think it really brings everyone together because there are so many nights in hotel rooms, car rides to practice, and time spent together at the field.” She gets her competitive spirit from the love of the game. “I love long days at the softball field and competing with and for my teammates.”

“Jaci was a huge part of our team this fall,” said Elliot Haack, Elkhorn South Head Softball coach. “She is always positive and encourages people no matter the score. When I think of Jaci, I am reminded of her effort all the time. She was always seen cheering on her teammates with her consistent encouragement to help the team win.” Vanderloo cherished being a part of the Elkhorn South softball team. “It brought me so close to girls from my school that I would not have met otherwise. Being a part of a team makes all the time so much more enjoyable because I get to be there with people I love.”

Vanderloo was involved in SADD, DECA, and National Honor Society at Elkhorn South. She enjoys going to the lake, spending time with her family and friends, and traveling. Next year she will be attending Saint Louis University to play softball and study mathematics. “In the future, I would love to work in sports. It is something I have been around my whole life and I hope to continue that!”

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