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A Laser-Focused Hooping Hero from Boys Town High School

Malachi Washington  |  Senior  |  Boys Town High School

Boys Town High School senior Malachi Washington is laser-focused on earning a scholarship to play college basketball after graduation. Although Washington made some mistakes his freshman year, he’s determined to use the opportunity to make things better for himself and his family.

“I want to provide for my family so that it is not such a struggle for them,” he said. “The drive to help my family keeps me going. If I can get a scholarship to support me financially in college while playing basketball and earning a degree, I can turn that into something that allows me to continue to help out my mom and little brothers long-term.” Washington plans to major in marketing and/or business. “I want to become a real estate agent. After doing that, my goal is to own properties across the country.”

Washington’s uncle recruited him to play on an Amateur Athletic Union basketball team in seventh grade. “I was at a picnic for the fourth of July that year and I had just hit a growth spurt,” Washington recalled. “I have been hooping ever since.” Playing for his basketball teams are fun but come with hard work and dedication. “I like that I get to compete and win. The best part is seeing how my dedication and hard work pays off.” Boys Town has named Washington the most outstanding basketball player for two years in a row. “I have really tried to take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to me here, and it is reassuring that people see my efforts. It is a major honor to be recognized in my sport and at my school.”

Outside of basketball, Washington was also involved in a Youth Justice Program through Boys Town. “It allowed me to have a voice and reflect on my experiences in hopes that it creates more opportunities for future kids.” His family home at Boys Town has been a big source of support. “I love living in the Jacksons’ home. They have been there for me the whole time by supporting me in basketball and being there when I need them.” Washington’s newest skill is the result of his culinary class. “I am a chef, too!”

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