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A Driving Force

Izabella Pesicka
Sophomore | Millard North High School

Millard North varsity girls’ golfer Izabella Pesicka has a passion and a drive to succeed, but her parents’ support means everything. Her dad started taking her out at Champions Run Country Club when she was five years old. She participated in all the junior golf activities at Champions, but as she got older, she started playing in tournaments with Nebraska Junior Golf (NJG). This past July, she won the NJG Championship for girls age group 14-15. In addition to golf, Pesicka also earned a spot on the JV Millard North tennis team but didn’t get to play due to COVID-19.

Her mom, Nicole Pesicka, says that “what makes Izabella a special athlete is that rather than needing someone else to light a fire under her, she has that fire within herself.  She motivates herself to train and practice with the intensity to compete and win.” Millard North golf coach Eric Welte agrees. “Bella is a very hard worker. Not only that, but nobody has to tell her to practice or what to work on. She is very self-motivated to get better at golf.”

Pesicka has loved being on the Millard North varsity girls golf team, especially the Sunday night team bonding dinners. “We had a really good team this year and placed third at the State tournament. We’re hoping to win State this coming year. Also Coach Welte is so supportive and comes out to watch no matter where the tournament is.”

As is common with the game, Pesicka’s golf swing has occasionally given her trouble. “One week you’re on fire and your swing is consistent and then all of a sudden it is off and you’re hitting the ball right or left.” Her swing coaches, Mike Cornell and James Kinney, help her get back on track.

Her biggest comeback came during a Champions tournament. She started in the back nine and scored a 44, and then there was a three-hour rain delay. “When I came back out, I went from thinking I was going to lose, to playing one of my best rounds with a 37, one over par. I ended up getting first place and winning the tournament championship.”

Pesicka hopes to someday play golf for a Division I school in a warm climate, but she’s got a few years left to make her mark at Millard North.

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