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A Champion Spirit of the Remarkable Mick Huber

Gretna High School senior Mick Huber gives his all into everything he does. State championship football and baseball teams take up much of his time, but he still manages to keep a 4.0 GPA while balancing dual enrollment classes, One Act plays, National Honor Society (NHS), Gretna Boys G club, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Huber keeps himself grounded by focusing on why he’s doing it. “I want to be just as successful academically as I am athletically because there will be a day when sports will come to an end for me and I’ll have to rely on what I have learned.” He’s currently deciding between playing baseball or football in college, and he plans to study either physical therapy or business.

His focus and drive come from knowing that the harder he works the better he will get. According to Gretna’s Varsity Head Football coach Mike Kayl, “What makes Mick such an outstanding athlete, teammate, and student is his ability to make everyone around him better. Mick holds himself to an extremely high standard in whatever he does, which motivates those around him. Despite all the success he’s had, he’s still the same person. Mick never puts himself above anyone else and always thinks of others first. He exemplifies what we want out of our student athletes here at Gretna.”

Playing in the Class A Nebraska state football championship in the fall was a dream come true. “It honestly is an indescribable feeling when you work so hard for something and you finally see that work come to light,” Huber said. “It just made it so much better that pretty much the whole town of Gretna came to watch our game. Just making it to the state championship was awesome, but it wasn’t our end goal: we wanted to win! And that is exactly what we did.”

Huber appreciates the fact that his football team has played together since they were young. “We won back-to-back-to-back championships together from fifth through seventh grade. It made it so much more special playing with a team that just has something that no other team in Class A has. We truly are a town team, and everyone loves each other. It makes it easy to lead a team when you already have a special bond with them.”

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