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A Better Insurance Experience

Insurance can be confusing and frustrating for families and businesses. Further, the perception often is there are only a few options available on the market – none of which are of any quality. For the past 18 years, I have worked with countless families and businesses, successfully changing these misperceptions through a consultative, hands-on approach to insurance.

When it comes to picking the right insurance plan, I try to take the stress out of the process. My areas of specialty are health, dental, vision, voluntary options, and Medicare. Where it makes sense, I also provide life insurance for families, as well as insurance to fund buy/sell agreements for businesses. At HealthMarkets, we work with dozens of nationally recognized companies so finding the right coverage at the right cost becomes much easier. Further, HealthMarkets utilizes an incredible technology platform that provides a simple road mapping tool for me and my clients to take a look at their ‘whole picture’. This comprehensive and consultative approach generates better results and happier clients.

Our health is our most important asset. By working with me, you get far better service than finding a quote online. I personally meet with my clients to understand their needs and provide objective guidance and solutions. Having an agent to sit down one-on-one is so important when making decisions around what is best for you and your family or business. Asking important questions such as potential utilization, which network(s) are right for you, prescription needs, and what clinics and hospitals in town are convenient are all part of this consultation process.

When we comb through all these important pieces, clients don’t feel that we’ve left any stone unturned, and they never are left guessing later. My goal is to provide the best service so clients feel like all their needs have been met.

Contact me so we can go over creative ways to protect yourself and family!

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