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Your Come Back Story Starts Here

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) specializes in orthopedic and sports related injuries and pain. OPTI brings something better to the physical therapy realm in the Omaha area. We get results by providing you the care that you deserve with guaranteeing one-on-one treatment with the same physical therapist every single visit. We employ physical therapists with a doctoral degree who have a passion for continuing their education in order to provide the most effective treatment interventions in an encouraging, fun, and professional environment.

If you have been injured or are experiencing pain, here are a few general guidelines to assist with your recovery:

  1. Movement is Medicine- Remain Active

Try to keep moving as much as you can comfortably. Research shows that staying active can be very beneficial in your recovery. It is good to continue your day-to-day activities and participate in light-exercise. If any of these activities increase your discomfort, it is okay to discontinue them and try something else. With that being said, if you have had a recent surgery or fracture and have special instructions from your doctor, it is very important to adhere to those guidelines!

  1. Hurt Does Not Always Equal Harm

Many people with pain initially limit their activity because they are afraid to cause additional damage. As mentioned above, staying active is very important in your recovery. The human body is remarkably strong and resilient. The severity of pain does not always match the level of damage to your body. Think of how painful stubbed toes can be. There is very little tissue damage with a stubbed toe, but significant discomfort. With this in mind, it is important to be conscious of your pain, but do not let it scare you!

  1. Be Positive

Your attitude about your health and wellness can have a major influence on your ability to heal and recover. Being stressed or anxious about your pain can actually increase your pain levels as well as the amount of time it takes for you to recover. Knowing that most injuries and pain will resolve on their own with time can be a comforting thought as you overcome your injury.

  1. Changes in Your Symptoms

If you notice a significant increase in your pain, or a drastic change in your ability to walk or move, give Omaha Physical Therapy Institute a call! We can help!

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