The Wow Factor

We’re all looking for ways to put a little WOW into our space. Sometimes a complete renovation isn’t an option. In that case, enlisting the help of an interior designer can be one of those I’m-so-glad-I-did-that decisions.

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Here are our 5 favorite ways to change your space and make a statement:

1 WINDOW TREATMENTS: Window treatments are the finishing touch in a room and are a powerful way to add drama and polish. We are seeing a lot of cornice boards, which provide a fun way to make a uniquely shaped accent with layering fabrics, trims, gimps, tapes, nail heads and other embellishments. Another trend in window treatments is the use of stationary side panel draperies on short rods. Fabrics are often more sheer and textural than weighty and heavy. You can also use interesting rodding and finials that incorporate acrylic detailing or crystal.  Sculptural elements can also add character and style to your window treatments.


LIGHTING: Lighting fixtures must strike a delicate balance between beautiful ambience and being bright enough to serve a functional purpose. Try incorporating fixtures that utilize Edison bulbs into your space. There is a tremendous emphasis on LED lighting, uniquely shaped bulbs and different metals being used to craft fixtures. Overall, we are seeing a trend toward fixtures that are more airy in design and that have less visual weight.


3 WALL COVERING: Adding wall covering to a room—even one wall as a focal point—is a quick way to inject drama, texture, interest and uniqueness into a space. Consider using trendy wall coverings that feature murals, flocking, bling, foiling, cork, texture, big floral patterns, nature, leaves, birds, and tropical and graphic patterns. Metallics still reign king supreme in the wall department, and the goal is to find a pattern that speaks to you and completes (not competes with) the space.


4 ACCESSORIES: Accessories are powerful pieces in any home. They are a low commitment way to change the look of any room. Neutral furnishings can take on a variety of looks simply by switching out the surrounding accessories. Try pieces that are glass, a mix of metals, sculptures, have live edge woods, orchids, trays, vases, stone and other natural elements, and mirrored pieces.


5 ARTWORK: Artwork is so personal. Select pieces that speak to you and work carefully to position them in proper scale and in a complimentary schematic in relation to other pieces that are in the same space. We are loving wrapped canvas works with floating frames, creations with glossy finishes, glass and metallic crystals incorporated into the art, abstract pieces, birds, dimensional art, sculptural art, metals, and hand blown glass.

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