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The Power of Artwork

Hanging a piece of artwork on a wall is like placing your heart on your sleeve. It’s thrusting your soul into the open world for all to see, and it’s the defining element to most spaces. Within the realms of interior design, art is a make or break element to the overall workings of a room.

When it comes to knowing the trends and tips regarding artwork, the professional designers at Interiors Joan and Associates are well versed. Read on to see our top 5 tips for curating your own collection of art, then make plans to join us at our studio on November 7, 2019, for the next Inside Edge event, featuring a showing of original art.

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1. A mix of framed canvas art and metal sculptural art gives your space interest, movement, and a mix of media, creating an unexpected result. The dimension and contrast in mediums causes the pieces to complement each other rather than clash with each other.

2. Try a high-gloss finish on your canvas – this reflective quality gives your piece a heightened level of sophistication and an eye-catching interest with its shine.

3. Know your art. Be confident and comfortable with your investment. An original piece created by the artist is often a collectible, heirloom work of art that is handed down in families and sold in galleries or by professional dealers. A giclee is an original piece that is printed on canvas using an extremely high-resolution inkjet printer, and then the image is hand embellished with paint. This process is reminiscent of a “color by number” procedure, and the end result is a less expensive piece that has many qualities of the original, including the unique textures of the paint and brush. A print is the least expensive artistic option, and is a literal print of the original on paper.

4. Build your space around your art. If you have a special piece of art that is meaningful you should work with your designer to build the surrounding space around that piece. A room can be designed and fit around a fabulous piece of art. The art doesn’t necessarily have to fit the room first.

5. Mix your art to create a personalized gallery. You should love the pieces you hang on the wall. They are a direct reflection of you. Experiment with mixing contemporary pieces in traditional room settings, or vice versa. Use a collection of mixed medias and different styles, sizes and subjects. This results in an exciting collection that really tells your story.

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