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Many desire to have youthful, long, and luxurious hair, and will go to great lengths to achieve it. The latest trend to obtain this goal is hand-tied extensions.

woman's hair woman's blonde hair

Hand-tied extensions have taken over the scene as a wildly popular service and are known for how gentle they are on the hair with proper installation. These types of wefts (versus machine wefts) are incredibly lightweight and one of the most natural feeling extensions on the market.

Researching the extensions used by salon professionals is a great idea as not all extensions are processed the same. The longevity of the hair and the direction the cuticle lays are factors to consider in terms of quality. Companies such as Aqua Hair Extensions have a quality you can see and feel, and are viewed as one of the best. Most professional brands of extensions are well made. The same hair can be used for six months or longer depending on home care.

There are different techniques used to apply these extensions. One of these used by Seven Salon, a local Omaha salon with certified extension specialists, is to apply the beads in a side-by-side arrangement along the section of hair to create a foundation. Once the beadwork is in place, the stylist utilizes a thread to tie and knot the weft into place.  Multiple layers of the weft can be put into the sections to add thickness.

Once the hair is in place with the density and positioning agreed upon by the stylist and customer, the extensions can be cut to blend. The professional should be experienced in cutting extensions to achieve the best possible outcome. The hair shouldn’t be shampooed or in a ponytail for at least 48 hours. Hair can be curled, worn in a ponytail, and cared for like natural hair.  Daily brushing is recommended with a boar bristle brush, and typically extensions will come with their own hair care line. Leave-in conditioner should be applied daily to extend their life. Recommendation for re-installation is approximately eight weeks.

You can find certified Aqua Hand Tied Extensions Specialists at Seven Salon at 3117 North 120th Street.

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