My Two Cents

Are you trying to find that so called “balance” in life?  Do you ever wish there were two of you?  There are so many superparents out there, but every superhero needs a little help now and then.  We can be that help for you or someone you know.  We offer our clients that very precious gift…the gift of time.  If you need the gift of time or know someone who does, we would love to help!


Hometown Help is a personal assistant/concierge service.  Our goal is to be your go-to person for just about any need you have.  We are business professionals who know what having busy lives is all about as we have been there ourselves.  The most common comment we hear from our clients is “You are a lifesaver!”.  Let us be your lifesaver.


We can run your errands, take your children to where they need to go, take the pets to the groomer, care for your pets to include walking the dogs, take mom or dad to the doctor, provide companionship, help with events and so much more.


We are available when you need us.  Life happens and we know sometimes you need someone at the last minute.  We also realize that plans change and that may mean you need to reschedule us for another time.  We are flexible.  There are no contracts to sign.


We are available in the Omaha area to include Elkhorn, Gretna and other nearby communities.


You can reach us by calling or texting us at 402-909-2815.  Our email address is hometownhelpnebraska@gmail.com.  You can learn more about us at our website HometownHelpNebraska.com or our Facebook page HometownHelpNebraska.

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