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Life-long Love for Athletics

When Ben Morrow started high school at Elkhorn South, he didn’t know a soul because he’d attended St. Patrick’s Catholic through eighth grade. “It was pretty difficult to start, but sports were definitely the biggest help. Meeting guys on the football and baseball team was super helpful, and it really allowed me to fit in at a new school.” Morrow gets his drive to compete from his parents. “I’ve been competitive for my entire life. I make almost everything a competition whether it’s at home against my brother or sister, or school, or just out with friends.”

He’s grateful to be an Elkhorn Athletic Association (EAA) scholarship winner. “I am proud to be associated with an organization that really cares about the community.” As an Elkhorn South graduate, Ben is proud of being runner-up in state football his senior year. “Even though COVID almost ruined the season, we were able to push through and beat a few really solid teams to make it to the Class A State Championship. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the game, but I was just super proud of our team and how we played throughout the season.”

Being a part of the Elkhorn South football team was a highlight of his high school years. “There were so many different kinds of guys with different backgrounds, yet we all came together to play the sport we love. What I loved most about our team was that no one took anything too seriously, but we all knew when it was time to work. Everyone would pay attention during drills, or while a coach was talking, but when nothing too serious was happening we were able to have some fun.”

Guy Rosenberg, Head Elkhorn South Football coach, feels that Ben is an excellent role model for the younger players. “Ben was an outstanding football player for a lot of the same reasons that he’s an outstanding student. He understands setting long-term goals, delaying gratification, and the power of practice. He went from being a solid role player as a junior to a starter and clutch performer on a Class A state runner-up team as a senior.” Morrow will attend the Georgia Institute of Technology for engineering this fall. “While I won’t be playing any sports for the school, I definitely plan on joining some intramural sports teams.”

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