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If you’ve ever remodeled a home, commercial office space, or had a roof replaced, you know that having a dumpster—and often a porta potty—parked in your driveway or parking lot is often part of the project. They can be unsightly, and contractors are familiar with their pitfalls, which can include scheduling conflicts for the containers and porta potty hazards such as tipping over. Redbox Plus, a new Omaha company, addresses those concerns, making dumpster and porta potty rentals easy and efficient for anyone who needs them.

Mark Fredrickson, who is the franchise owner of Redbox Plus for the Omaha and Lincoln markets, has experience as an entrepreneur. After working as a licensed land surveyor for 21 years, he helped launch the healthy takeout food company Eat Fit Go. After exiting that business, he wanted something new that was both recession and pandemic proof. With close to 60 franchises across the country and a model built around customer service and quick turnaround times—something the container industry generally lacks—Fredrickson decided Redbox Plus was the perfect business model to bring to Nebraska.

He brought on Steve Caffery as his Operations Manager, who is also a CDL driver. The pair works well together, with Fredrickson focused on business development and marketing, and Caffery focused on scheduling, delivery, and pickup. They work with homeowners, roofers, commercial contractors, and fire and water remediation contractors. They’ve seen an uptick during the pandemic with homeowners cleaning out basements and garages, as well as realtors who specialize in house flips.

Redbox Plus offers a truly unique product. The bright red, powder-coated containers, which are manufactured in the U.S., are meticulously designed for durability. They come in 20 and 30-yd sizes, both standard and elite, which are ideal for larger projects. The elite containers include two porta potties, securely mounted onto the front of the container, ensuring they can’t be tipped over or stolen—a common problem for the industry.
“Including the porta potty with the container adds one less worry for the contractor,” Fredrickson said. If a porta potty isn’t needed, it can be locked and the container used just as easily.

The second unique aspect of Redbox Plus is its level of customer service. “Our goal is to service the customer within 24 hours, for both delivery and pickup,” Fredrickson said. “Lack of customer service is a common frustration in the industry. We want to avoid inconveniencing the customer so that a container isn’t sitting in a driveway all weekend or taking up three parking stalls once the project is finished.” Scheduling is easy, with a simple call or text and a contractors app, which will be coming soon. The routing component of the company’s software lets them control scheduling to ensure the 24-hour turnaround time. An additional perk of the Redbox Plus elite containers is that the front doubles as a billboard. For repeat customers, Fredrickson said they can produce a magnet with the customer’s logo, which serves as advertising while on the job site. “You never know when it might influence your next project, which makes a professional-looking dumpster worth it.” To contact Redbox Plus, email mfredrickson@redboxplus.com, scaffery@redboxplus.com, or call 402-205-3105.

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