young woman soccer player

Determined Defender

Faith Kutschkau  |  Junior  |  Millard North High School

A defender for Millard North as well as her Elkhorn Soccer Club team, Faith Kutschkau has played soccer since she was five years old. She also dreams of playing for one of the University of Nebraska teams in college. A goal not far out of reach since her club coach, Marissa Ringblom, calls Faith’s work ethic “second to none.”

Faith had to overcome disappointment early in her high school soccer career though. “Freshman year I made JV, but a lot of my friends made varsity. They went on to win state, and I was sitting in the stands. That was the moment when I said, ‘You know what? I want to make varsity next year.’ So I worked really hard and ended up making varsity as a sophomore.”

Another aspiration of Faith’s is to earn a degree in business and have her own hair salon. She’s already got a start, stepping in as her team’s stylist. “For the high school season, I would do five to seven players’ hair right before the game. They all like to match, so I would be the person to do it.”

When not on the soccer pitch, Faith’s family spends as much time as they can at the lake. “Growing up on the water, I learned how to wakeboard and ski,” Faith said. “Plus, when my dad is driving the boat, we do some pretty intense tubing.” She also likes to hang out with friends at the mall or at the movies. She and her soccer friends call themselves the “‘Morning Squad’—we hang out at school all the time and on special occasions we get each other donuts in the morning.”

Faith leads by example and is always willing to sacrifice for her team, making it easy for her coach to name her as a captain this year. According to Ringblom, “Faith is the kind of kid who you can’t take off of the field because we need both her physical presence and her competitive spirit at all times. Every time I think we are in trouble and the other team is encroaching into our box, Faith flies in and makes a tackle or clears the ball for us. She will fight to win every single ball even when it seems out of reach.”

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