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Complete Your Look With the Right Stylist

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.”  Ralph Lauren

Part of style and fashion is bringing what’s on the inside to the outside. Our innermost creative beings long to showcase and be accepted. One way to express that is through style and fashion. Whether it’s through clothing or hair, the look can leave an imprint on those around you forever.

Iconic actresses and models would not be as memorable without their clothing choices, hair, and makeup. When you think of Marilyn Monroe, what do you remember? How about Mr. T.?  Self-expression, great style, and killer esthetic can make or break a look.

With this in mind, the creators of Seven Salon have recently expanded to include a boutique to enhance the look their clients receive from their stylists. Often a customer will get a new hair color or cut and then shop the clothing boutique to complete their look.   

Celebrating every body type in fashion is important to the team as they grow this area of their expertise, which is why the salon includes plus size clothing. Clients view their stylist as fashion forward, and communicating that in the salon has been groundbreaking. Many clients ask their stylist for opinions while they try on clothes.

“It felt like opening the boutique was the next natural thing to do,” said Seven Salon co-creator Nikki Okun, who has been in the industry for more than 18 years.

“Since we are a fashion community and have excellent celebrations of that, including Omaha Fashion Week, we are just joining the ranks of amazing boutiques in town, which we support as well,” said Seven Salon co-creator Shannon Bingham. “We want to make fashion accessible, easy, and understandable. We don’t want to over-complicate but rather create something that is within reach for people who may not feel confident or comfortable wearing something nouveau.”

Stop in Seven Salon’s new clothing boutique located off 120th Street between Blondo and Maple Streets to find your new look.

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