Advertising Across the Customer Journey

Getting customers through the door is important. Even more important is making sure that those customers keep coming back. However, neither of these tasks are simple. At Cox Media, our goal is to simplify the process for local businesses by providing relevant information and timely data to help navigate the complexities of the customer journey. Below is an excerpt from our free eBook: ADVERTISING ACROSS THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY: A Local Business Guide to Building Relationships and Closing Deals.

“Every customer journey is different. No matter how you try to funnel leads through marketing content and toward a conversion, each customer is operating with different pain points, interests, and timelines when considering their next purchase. Some are looking for a quick solution, and already know what they want and need. Others are just starting to consider a conversion, and aren’t sure exactly what they need, or when they might need it.

Because of the flexible, ever-changing composition of this customer journey, many business owners become overwhelmed when facing the task of advertising to different stages of this process.

At the same time, every prospect is at a different stage of the customer journey—and each one is going at its own pace in determining whether your business is the best fit for their needs. How can a business effectively serve all of these individual prospects through their advertising—and do so in a way that not only covers its costs, but creates new revenue through your advertising spending?

This is the challenge of creating a marketing and advertising strategy that can serve the entire customer journey all at once. In this guide, we’ll show you how a digital advertising partner like Cox Media can create an effective ad strategy that serves the full customer journey, improves prospect engagement, and sets the stage for higher conversion rates and increased revenue to grow your business.”

If you would like to learn more, our free eBook deep dives into the importance of building brand awareness and engaging customers. But most importantly, how to gain new customers and breed loyalty in those that you already have. Download your free copy here:

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